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3 Home Improvement Projects to Boost the Value of your Property

We all like to improve our living space from time to time, as this not only makes life more comfortable, it also adds value to the home, which is probably the biggest single investment you will ever make. Of course, there are many ways that you can improve your property, and with that in mind, here are three great ideas to make your living space more comfortable, while also boosting the value of your property.

  1. Building an Extension – It might be a single storey extension that is added to the rear or to one side of the house, which can open up onto the terrace, and by contacting a firm that does the best home renovations in Sydney, you can be sure of a first-class job. It is important that the extension looks like it is part of the house, so it should be designed accordingly, using similar materials. Two storeys would certainly give you more than enough extra space, yet that would cost significantly more, but if you need the space, then why not?

  1. Loft Conversion – If you have an attic, this could be transformed into a nice room that could be used in many ways. The cost is very low when compared to a traditional bricks and mortar construction, as the walls and roof are already in place, and with a plywood or chipboard floor, you can transform the space into something that will turn out to be very useful. Once the floor is down, it is a question of cladding the walls and roof, while adding 2 or 3 skylights, for natural lighting. If you have a water tank in the loft, this would also be clad in timber, as would any pipes, to leave an interior space to work with. If you do need some extra living space, the loft conversion would be the cheapest way to have that extra room that could be used as a bedroom, or a study centre, and if you contact a builder with loft conversion experience, they would be happy to quote for the project.

  1. Outdoor Improvements – With a really nice terrace and a motorised retractable roof, you have the basis for a fantastic outdoor relaxation area. A custom-made retractable roof is very much a permanent fixture and would be a considerable investment that provides you with luxury shading for many years, and should you ever decide to sell, the retractable roof would be a major plus for any buyer.

The above are just a few improvements that will boost the value of your home, and with professional tradesmen at the helm, the end result will exceed even your high expectations. Any property that has had major renovations to increase the living space will enjoy a higher value, as living area is a major aspects of real estate pricing.

Finding the right builder is the key to a successful project, and you can start with a Google search, then look for listing that are local to you and that have experience in home renovations, then you can investigate the short list and make an informed decision.




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