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4 signs of a bad swimming pool contractor

Swimming pool is a cool addition to all houses and most of us may have dreams of having a pool inside our homes. If you think of having one, you will have two options. Either you can build it yourself or you should find a pool contractor to do the job. Although the first option seems easy, it is not possible in practical scenarios. So, it is a better idea only to find the right pool builder in your locality and leave the works with them. However, it is necessary to end up with an experienced pool contractor like Watersider Poolscapes. Specializing in truly breathtaking design is this Stafford Pool Contractor, Watersider Poolscapes. If you end up with an unreliable or fake contractors, you would have to lose your money and time. In this article, let us discuss four signs of a bad contractor that will alarm you to stay away from them.

High down payment

You can consider the requirement of a high down payment even before the contractor starts their design process as a sign of fake contractors. If the contractors are experienced and reliable, they will not ask for a heavy down payment. They may ask an advance of about 20% of the entire amount so as to confirm your interest in working with them. If a company is asking anything like 50% or above, they are most like to run away after your payment. Although it will not happen in all cases, it is better to be informed.

Cost-work ratio

You should check the cost-work ration of the contract closely. For instance, if you have paid 10% of the total cost beforehand, the next payment schedule should be after completion of ten percent of the total work. If the contractor is asking for the next payment even without starting the project, you should be warned.

Hurried contract

A reputable contractor will not even bother if you do not sign the contract with them due to personal reasons. However, an unreliable company will never leave you without signing the contract in their first attempt itself. So, you can consider the urgency or forceful acts of the contractor during your first meeting as a warning sign to stay away from them.


If your contractor is not keeping his time at any case and is always irresponsible, you need not worry to cancel the project anytime.

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