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5 Nifty Tips and Tricks to Use Your Fridge like a Pro

Do you hate organizing your fridge every now and then? Here are the best tips and tricks you can follow to organize the réfrigérateur in the most efficient way.

  1. Clean your fridge nonetheless

In order to keep your fridge in the top notch condition, you need to keep it clean for making it work properly and the more you do it, the less the effort involved. If you clean it once or twice annually, then you will have a hard time to keep it organized. When your fridge is full of expired products then you are simply wasting space and energy. Once a month, clean out your fridge. It makes it work in a better way and looks even more inviting. Always use a food safe solution for cleaning your fridge.

  1. Use baskets to sort things out

Make the use of small baskets for sorting different products on shelves and in doors to get your fridge awesomely organized. This will help you sort the contents in your fridge and the basket also acts as a protectant layer for catching the spills. Rather than cleaning the entire shelf for milk leaks, you just have to clean the basket. You can also keep a basket of healthy stuff to keep your healthy eating plan intact.

  1. Label everything

When you use labels on the shelves, baskets, drawers and doors, it is the best way to arrange your fridge. When you label by product category, you can use meal type or use by date organization ideas too. This can be done in the fridge, freezer and pantry.

  1. Put things in the right places

You can optimize the shelf life of your fridge contents by keeping the products in the best places possible. For instance, never store milk in the fridge door as the temperature fluctuates a lot. Rather, keep it in the middle shelf.

  1. Put up a list of contents on the fridge door

When you have a full view of what you have and what you don’t, it is probably the best way to shop. Use the space of your outer fridge by keeping a list of what you have and what you need. You can also use magnetic shopping lists, paint the door with blackboard paint or have white board markers installed.

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