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5 Reasons Why Solid Timber Flooring Makes Sense

Let’s face it, your floors at home have to endure an awful lot of punishment over the years and with flooring regarded as an important element of aesthetics, choosing the right flooring is important. Obviously, you want something hardwearing, and if budget is an issue, there are faux timber products such as vinyl and laminate flooring that gives you the look and feel of solid timber, without the high cost. Yet despite the emergence of hard-wearing and attractive composite flooring materials, solid timber flooring is still the most popular solution for Australian homeowners, and here are just a few of the reasons why people prefer real timber when it comes to domestic flooring.

  1. Durability – If you have a solid timber floor installed in your living room, it will remain in good condition for decades, and every 4-5 years, re-sand and varnish, to restore the original finish. If you would like a quote for timber flooring in Brisbane, or indeed, any other part of Australia, a Google search is all it takes to locate a local flooring company that specialises in solid timber flooring.
  2. Value for Money – While wooden flooring certainly isn’t the cheapest option, the fact that it lasts for so long makes it a very attractive proposition, and with a local contractor, you would likely find that they can work to the client’s budget. Re-used timber flooring can work out significantly cheaper than solid timber, then there is also engineered flooring.
  3. Stylish & Elegant – There’s something about timber flooring that other materials just can’t match, and when waxed and polished, an oak or mahogany floor is a stunning example of 5-star flooring. Australia has more species of trees than most countries, with favourites like Jarrah that are both attractive and long-lasting.
  4. Installed on Any Substrate – A wooden floor can be installed on any substrate and in some cases, a cork backing would be used to add a layer of softness and insulation. If you would like to explore the potential that a solid wood floor can offer, simply search online for a local domestic flooring company and see what they can do for you.
  5. Eco-Friendly – If the timber comes from a sustainable source, then your timber floor could be called an eco-friendly solution, and with sections of forest that are harvested carefully, the supply of timber does not have a negative impact on the environment. If you are particularly concerned about the origin of the timber, you could choose refurbished timber that would once have been part of another building, and by using a plane to remove half a centimetre from the planks, they are suitable for use as flooring.

If you are thinking about having a solid timber floor installed in your home, make sure that the contractor is local and has a good standing within the local community. They can help you select the best timber species and should you be happy with the quote, they can arrange an installation date that is convenient.

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