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5 Signs You Should Call a Roofing Contractor 

If you value a comfortable home, it’s essential to have your roof in perfect shape. During stormy weather and heavy rains, having a leaking roof is a nightmare to most homeowners. A proper roof inspection is essential if you want your roof to serve you for long.

However, in most cases, we tend to ignore some obvious signs we should hire a roofing contractor to fix the roof. Hiring expert roofing services in Dundee is the best you can do for your home this year, protect your family from moulds and risk of roof collapse. Here are the signs you should hire a roofing expert to repair your roof immediately.

1. Green vegetation on your roof

How do you know that your roof needs repairs? Simple, when you notice any green vegetation like lichen and moulds growing on the roof, it is a sign you should call your contractor. Your roof is likely to have some leaks that allow rainwater and moisture to penetrate the underlying roofing materials. This creates a perfect ground for the growth of moulds and other plants.

2. Missing shingles

Your roof is definitely in big trouble if you notice any missing shingles and problems on the chimney and other roof structures. Again if you see any dirt and debris build-up in the downspouts, it means your roof needs to be attended on time.

 Missing shingles happen because of strong winds that blow off and weaken the nailing. If your roofing contractor did not do some good job on the shingles by nailing them properly, they are likely to loosen up and fall.

3. Spots on the exterior walls

Get out and look at the roofline after the rain. What can you see? If you notice any rare water spots where the roof meets the wall, you may be in a problem. Having water spots on the roofline means that your roof has issues with flashing and you should call a roofing contractor to have it fixed before it’s late.

4. Large puddle on the ceiling

Your roof may be having a leakage if you notice any water stains or patches on your ceiling. Most of these stains are brown, but sometimes you may not see them if they are in dark corners of the ceiling. Most patches on the ceiling are signs of large leaks on the roof.

You can also look closely at the patches on your ceiling for signs of moisture or moulds growing there. These are signs you may have a leak and you should invite your roofing contractor to fix it.

5. Mouldy exterior wall

A mouldy and mossy outer wall is a sign that your roof downspouts are not working correctly. Downspouts are an essential part of your roofing material because they help to move rainwater down the roof.

When the downspouts are not working correctly, you can notice moisture on the exterior walls and some signs of erosion on the ground. You can add some gutter heating and covers to repair sagging gutters and fix the problem with icy and clogged drains.

Having an experienced roofing contractor visit your home for roof inspection and repair is the best you can do to keep your roof in perfect shape. Always inspect your roof on time and have all your roof issues attended to by experts to improve your home value.

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