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7 Good Reasons to Stop Putting Off Window Replacement in Fort Worth

Window replacement in Fort Worth can be costly for many homeowners, but it’s also an excellent investment in your home! While new windows might be one of the last purchases you consider when it’s time to update your space, note 7 reasons you might consult with a window replacement contractor near you today. You can then discuss your window replacement options and budget with him or her, and know you’re making the right purchasing and home improvement decision for your property.

1. Window Replacement in Fort Worth Means More Energy Efficiency

Don’t overlook how older, outdated windows affect utility costs, as Energy.gov states that windows are responsible for some 25% to 30% of your home’s heat loss and gain throughout the year! (https://www.energy.gov/energysaver/design/windows-doors-and-skylights/update-or-replace-windows) A new window replacement in Fort Worth is an excellent way to improve your home’s overall energy efficiency, lowering your utility costs year-round.

Choosing windows best for the state’s warm climate is especially vital for creating a more comfortable indoor space. For example, low-E coatings on windows allow in sunlight but block the sun’s heat. Windows with a low-E coating are then an excellent choice for Texas residents who want to keep their home as cool as possible during long summer months, but who also enjoy lots of sunlight inside the home and want to avoid making interior spaces feel dark and gloomy.

2. A Window Replacement in Fort Worth Means Less HVAC Wear and Tear

A home’s furnace and air conditioner don’t need to cycle on as often when the home is insulated properly, so updated, energy-efficient windows can result in lower utility costs, as said. However, less use of your HVAC system also means less wear and tear on those appliances!

While new windows won’t necessarily extend the life of your HVAC system by several years, you might enjoy fewer repair bills and less need to replace those appliances over the life of home ownership when you invest in new windows. Your HVAC appliances will also typically operate more efficiently when you add insulation to your home with new windows, so they will not only cycle on less often but might consume less electricity even when they do operate!

3. New Windows for Your Home Increase Its Curb Appeal

Stand outside your home and take an honest, critical look at its overall appearance. Do the current window frames look dull and drab? Are the windows themselves small and seem to get lost along those exterior walls? Do they make the entire house look outdated and unattractive?

New windows can increase and enhance your home’s curb appeal instantly! Updated frames and larger windows can offset exterior wall colors, breaking up the look of long sections of brick or siding. Crisp white frames can offer some “pop” against dark brick or siding, while new wood window frames might tone down the look of metal siding and create a homey, welcoming appearance.

4. Updated Windows Mean More Sunlight and Fresh Air in the Home

If your home’s interior seems dull, drab, and unwelcoming, the problem might not be paint colors, artwork, or furnishings. Your home’s windows might simply be undersized or otherwise block sunlight from entering, creating an unsightly and unpleasant interior environment.

Upgrading to larger windows or a new window style can mean lots more sunlight and fresh air in your home. Larger windows themselves will allow for more light but note too that casement windows, sliders, and picture windows don’t have a center sash, so these will let in more light no matter their overall size.

Bow and bay windows are also excellent choices for sunlight and fresh air. These window styles jut out from the home, allowing cross breezes and sunlight to come in through their side panels as well as the center pane. Double-hung windows, with an upper pane that lowers, can also mean better ventilation and more fresh air especially in the kitchen, letting out cooking grease, heat, and steam trapped near the ceiling.

5. Choose a Window Replacement That’s Easier to Operate!

There’s no need to struggle to open and close your home’s windows! Older wood windows tend to expand and contract as that wood absorbs humidity and then dries out. In turn, those windows might begin to stick in their frame, making it a struggle to open and close them. Replacing those windows means easier opening and closing overall.

Various window styles can also mean easier operation. Sliders, for example, might be an excellent choice behind large furniture, so you don’t need to reach over the furniture and lift a single-hung window into place. A casement window that works with a crank can also mean easier operation for opening and closing.

6. Old Windows Are Often Difficult to Keep Clean

Over time, exterior glass might suffer small etches and scratches caused by airborne grit, harsh cleaning cloths, high winds, and the like. Dust and dirt then settle into those scratches, making it hard to get those windows clean. In turn, your windows might look cloudy or streaky even after a professional washing!

Updated windows without that damage will often look cleaner and be easier to keep clean as well. This also means more sunlight in the home and an improved view to the outside! Today’s vinyl or fiberglass frames are also resistant to scratches, dents, and other damage, and easier to clean than wood or aluminum window frames.

7. Window Replacement in Fort Worth Can Increase Property Values

While you might appreciate all these benefits of investing in new windows, remember that potential homebuyers will also understand the value of updated windows in a home! Your property values are based on what a buyer might pay for your house, and new windows can increase the average bid on a home, meaning they might then increase those property values.

Even if you don’t plan on putting your house on the market in the near future, note that added property values can be beneficial if you should apply for a home equity loan or line of credit! You might also want to use your home as equity for a business loan or other financial venture, so those increased property values are worth the investment even if you don’t sell your house.

Keep these points in mind if you’re considering updates to your home or know that its current windows are old and outdated. New window replacements in Fort Worth can mean greater comfort inside the space and an improved appearance, as well as lower utility costs year-round, making those windows an excellent investment for any property!

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