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A Few Effective Ways to Maintain Your Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors always count in luxurious articles due to their high price range. But these investments are worthwhile, which significantly improves the value of a house. After investing money on luxurious hardwood warm floors, you must have time to maintain them well. The trick to keep the hardwoods warm floor is to clean them thoroughly. If you have wood, oak, bamboo or maple on your floor it doesn’t matter, they all need careful care to keep them beautiful. Heated floors Ottawa will show you how to maintain hygiene and polish different styles of hardwood floors with floor heating or other finishes.

How to Know the Type of Hardwood Floor Finish?

Do you know which material is used to give finish on your hardwood floor? Is it wax, polyurethane or varnish? Or have you invested in your hardwood floor heating? By running your hands over the floor, you can say. When the texture of the grain is falling, it shows that the floor has a penetrating finish, normally covered with wax. A few drops of water can be dropped on the wood surface to see if it soaks. If the floor doesn’t absorb water, it means it doesn’t need any finish. But if the water absorption is seen, it means the finish has been rubbed off and needs polish.

Avoid Messing Your Hardwood Floors

To prevent harm to your heated hardwood floors, you should do certain things that diminish dirt, wear and tear dramatically so that you spend less time and energy cleaning.

  • Never use cleaning products that are meant for tile or vinyl floors
  • Avoid walking on the hardwood floors with sports shoes, high heels, and cleats
  • Do use a wet mop to clean the hardwood floors.
  • Do not use elf-polishing acrylic wax to clean the floor
  • Avoid over waxing to revive their luster of the hardwood floors
  • Hire an expert to clean the hardwood floor and polish it

How to Clean Hardwood Floors?

The majority of hardwood floors that are being manufactured today are finished with polyurethane and they require regularly vacuum, sweeping and dusting. Vacuuming can be performed daily, simply ensure the fixation is suitable for wooden floors and remove beater bars or rotating brushes that can harm your floor. Vacuuming is good because it helps to remove the bits of dust and debris that scratch and make the wood floor sluggish.

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