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A Guide to a Knockdown Rebuild

If you love your current location, but are far from impressed with your home, rather than looking to relocate, you can demolish the existing property and have your dream home built. It might be that you and your family have outgrown your home, or it is old and extending simply doesn’t make sense, and by making contact with a custom builder, they can handle every aspect of the project.

  • Initial Surveys – This is the first step, which will enable you to decide on the scope of the new build. A contour survey is carried out, which would allow the architects to gain a better understanding of what is possible.
  • Home Design – The architects would discuss the options and help you to design the perfect home. They would have templates, or you could design the home from scratch, whichever you prefer.
  • Quotation – Once the design is approved, the builder would provide you with a written quotation that covers every aspect of the build. This would be an all-inclusive price that is fixed, regardless of any unexpected costs the builder might incur, and should you wish to proceed, contracts are drawn up and the work can get underway. Of course, the builder would be happy to work to your schedule, and with a firm completion date, you can plan accordingly.
  • Planning Permission – The builder would handle this on your behalf, as well as disconnecting the utilities and handling all the legalities.
  • The Demolition – The builder would coordinate the demolition, testing for the presence of asbestos and facilitating the removal of building waste, leaving the plot cleared and ready for construction.
  • Construction – With the old structure removed, the path is clear to begin the new build, and the builder would work to the agreed timeline.

Sourcing the Right Builder

It is essential that you choose a builder with extensive experience in knockdown construction, and there is a specialist builder who can undertake a knockdown build in Canberra, if you happen to reside in that area. Using a knockdown specialist means they are already well-versed in the process and will handle the removal of the building materials responsibly, and with a team of skilled tradespeople, they can handle every aspect of the project and do not need to outsource.

If you like the area you live in, it is a wise move to knockdown your existing home and rebuild, and with land prices rising as they are, your investment will pay dividends in the long term.






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