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A Guide to Airbnb for Rental Property Owners

We all know that Airbnb is the place to go when you are looking to quality temporary accommodation, and people are realising the many benefits when compared to staying at a hotel. If you are a rental property owner, Airbnb is the place to list your home, and while you could do this yourself, you are better off outsourcing every aspect of the property to a leading property management company.

Property Management

A single provider can handle every aspect of your property from listing on all the digital platforms, screening guests, cleaning and servicing the property, greeting guests and also building maintenance. With Airbnb management in Bronte, you can leave everything to the professionals, who offer all the services a landlord might require.

Digital Platforms

When people are looking for quality accommodation for a short period, they automatically go to Airbnb, as they know the best deals are to be found on the number 1 property rental website, and when you join forces with an Airbnb management provider such as HomeHost, they create the listing with professional images and copy, then manage your listing on other platforms like TripAdvisor and Booking.com, maximising your exposure.

Essential Services

The Airbnb property manager would offer the following services to rental property owners,

  • Create & maintain listings on major digital property rental platforms.
  • Screening potential guests.
  • Clean & replenish essential items.
  • Greeting guests on arrival and departure.
  • Furnishing advice.
  • Building maintenance.

Stay Informed

Once your property is in the safe hands of the property management firm, you can login at any time to check the current status of your property, while also being able to access the calendar to see when the property is booked. Through a single online portal, you can view every aspect of your property from any location, using a smartphone app.

The Best Marketing

When you enlist the services of an Airbnb management provider, you have the best technicians to list and promote your property, which greatly improves the chances of bookings. Aside from Airbnb, your property would be listed on platforms such as Expedia, Booking.com and TripAdvisor, which really does maximise the exposure. The provider has a team of property photographers and copy writers who present properties in a professional manner, making the property look more attractive.

Airbnb Management

The majority of landlords outsource the management of their Airbnb account to a specialist company who know how to present real estate, plus they are always happy to advise you regarding furnishing or any other aspect of the property.

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