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ADU Appliances You Didn’t Know You Needed

There are not a lot of ADU appliance stores available for you to browse through to figure out what you are going to need. So, even if you have an ADU already built and are living in it, you may be surprised by these ADU appliances you didn’t know you needed until now!

Compact Dishwashers

Very few people enjoy washing their dishes. However, fitting a dishwasher into an already tight room can feel unnecessary. Trust us though, you can make it fit. Putting together your ADU kitchen is almost like working on a jigsaw puzzle. A compact 18-inch dishwasher can fit nicely underneath a countertop with added cabinets above for the lost storage.

They make many appliances in compact sizes. So stop washing your dishes by hand and install a compact dishwasher today!

Over The Range Microwaves

Is your microwave currently taking up valuable countertop space? Stop letting that happen! Instead, invest in an over-the-range microwave that acts as both a vent for your stove and a traditional microwave. This appliance mounts above your stovetop, leaving your countertops less cluttered and your air less smokey due to its venting capabilities.

Washer And Dryer Combo

One of the biggest ADU mistakes you can make is not including a way to do laundry in your unit. Traditional washers and dryers take up a lot of space, but there are a plethora of space-saving options available. For starters, you can get stackable washers and dryers that take up less horizontal space.

You can also get smaller washers and dryers that fit more nicely in your space. Your other option is our favorite option. You can get a washer and dryer combo which is essentially the two machines in one compact unit. This machine can fit nicely tucked in a corner, under a cabinet, or in a closet.

You put the clothes into the washer and turn it on and go about your day. When they are done washing, they will start to dry without you having to do a thing. This appliance is super convenient and a great time saver!

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