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Amish Furniture – Know the Most Common Types of Wood Species Used

Many of us spend a lot on home furnishing and furniture to make our home beautiful. There are many types of furniture and each one has its own characteristics and function. According to a survey, nearly 42% of furniture has been purchased by most of the people who are between 48 to 66 years of age.

Furniture is made with wood species that reflects your sense and these species are hard in nature. Usually, people will purchase furniture depending on their daily needs such as chair to sit, table to have their dinner, and more. Also, few people use designed furniture pieces as decorative items in their home.

If you are looking for authentic Amish furniture, then you must visit Deutsch furniture gallery immediately. They provide hand-made, luxurious and durable furniture including dressers, armories, nightstands and more at affordable price. Also, they offer custom made, on-time delivery, and good deals and discounts on price for their customers.

The following are few types of wood species used in making Amish furniture that help you in choosing right one within your budget.


The fashionable and well-liked wood used to make a wide variety of furniture items is Oak. It is highly durable because it acquires stains constantly and you can see the same color for lifetime. Moreover, you will not find out knots on Oak furniture. Also, you can find Oak furniture in 2 types. They are:

  • Black or Red Oak – Its color varies from light cream to warm brown and contains red streaks running from it.
  • White Oak – It contains greenish streaks running and stains easily.

Brown Maple

It will have finer, tighter grain that gives a glassier and smoother look. Also, it doesn’t contain knots. Due to its natural color one can spot it easily. It is a great option for chairs, dining room, kitchen tables, and chairs because of its durability and strength. If you like to have updated look furniture, then it is a fantastic choice.

Clear and Rustic Cherry

Cherry will have a smooth texture, circular grains as well as pink undertone that interlocked with a rosy-brown tone. These grains will have unusual, beautiful wave. Also, it is easy to work compared to white and red Oak because it has moderate density.

Rusty cherry is less refined and displays knots and natural pits. You can find rustic cherry in many colors like brown, red, and white. It is popular choice to family get-togethers and dinners.


It is the hardest, strongest, heaviest, and dense woods. It is an ideal choice for desks, bedrooms, dining table and chairs, and couches. Similar to white and red and red oak hickory also stains easily. It will have a strong grain that gives a rustic look to the furniture.

In addition to the above, there are other wood types such as elm, beech, walnut, pine and cider. Amish furniture not only lasts for longer periods but also they are high in quality click here for more information. There are many online suppliers who sell Amish artisan furniture. Choose the best one and order your favorite furniture item depending on your requirement.

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