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Choosing the right wheels or castors.        

Shopping for wheels or castors might seem like a straightforward job. But, when it comes to choosing the right wheels or castors, that might take a little more thought! Not only do you have to pick the look you want, one that perhaps suits your personal preference or that of your business, you’ve also got to figure out all that stuff about, axles, offsets, spacing, tyres, weight handling and materials. (what’s the difference again?), not to forget diameter and width. A bit more to think about now isn’t there? Fear not, today’s article will focus on the helping you make the right choice and what to consider.

Sizing up

When looking at the size and measurements of your new wheels, you will get the best guide from taking off the old wheels (if possible) or get somebody to remove them for you. You should be able to measure things like the width and length of the old axle bolt and axle itself, the diameter of the wheels including the depth, width and height.

You will also want to consider what is on the wheels, perhaps they are solid, they might have a tire of some kind or even wrapped in another kind of material. A quick measure of the what the wheels are wrapped in will help or even better still, take a photo so you can show the shop. Once you’ve done this you should be ready to make the first move. If you feel ready to make a call then you could try contacting Richmond Wheel NZ, a quick search of the Internet should show you who they are.


Believe it or not there are a whole host of different materials to consider, you could even change or improve your current set up by looking at the following; solid wheels, nylon wheels, iron wheels, puncture proof, rubber tyres, pneumatic or semi pneumatic tyres so that you can ‘pump them up or let them down as you please, steel centred, elastic rubber, rebound rubber, polyurethane, the list goes on. You may also want to consider temperature thresholds and more important for most people will be the weight handling ability, the materials you choose will determine weight handling and temperature thresholds.

Need some more help?

Quite a bit to take on-board and actually most people don’t want to be bothered with the ins and outs of their wheel and tyre choice for their trollies, trucks, skates, dollies or wheelbarrows not to mention the tyre or coating. Mind you, puncture proof tyres sound a pretty cool choice, anyhow all the help you need is readily available, including someone to help you with the choice, all you have to do is make a call.

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