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Common Mistakes On Furniture Refinishing And How To Avoid Them

Do you have a cabinet that has already grown old? Perhaps, you have furniture that has a scratch or some stains, or just simply lost its shine. Luckily, you can refinish the furniture and save the planet. Since we consume over a ton of wood per year, refinishing old furniture can decrease this number. This is the reason why many people refinish furniture on their own. However, you must take note that a few mistakes can worsen the problem. Learn the mistakes below so you can avoid them:

Failing to follow the instructions on How to Refinish the Wood

One of the most common problems in wood refinishing is not following the instructions. You might have refinished the furniture before and you are now feeling confident with the process. However, the chemical content of every product differs from one can or bottle to the next. Sometimes, you can buy the wrong product for your furniture. As such, be careful to read all the labels and follow the instructions, especially with an orbital sander. This can save you from damaging your wooden furniture.

Forgetting to Clean the Surface 

Before you refinish the wood furniture, make sure that you clean the surface thoroughly. This can help you save a few hours of work. Sometimes, you will find out that after cleaning, all your piece needs is retouching. Clean thoroughly the surface with a wax remover or wood cleaner. See if you can still salvage the present finish.

Not Knowing the Value of the Furniture 

One of the costly steps in wood restoration is failing to know the true value of the furniture before beginning the work. Skipping this step and going directly to sanding and stripping might lessen the value of the piece.

For example, you might remove the labels or markings on the hidden surfaces. You might lose any reference to the furniture’s age, origin, or make.

Furthermore, failure to assess the value of the furniture can also lead to poor decisions on whether to refinish or paint the piece. There are wooden pieces that are too valuable to be painted and should be refinished instead.

Always remember to be on the safe side with an orbital sander. If you think that a piece of furniture that you own is high-valued, let the professional assess your furniture.

Ignoring Safety Measures 

Furniture restoration involves tools and chemicals that can harm you. This can irritate your skin or eyes or harm your lungs when you accidentally inhale it. As such, each time you begin restoring your home furniture, make sure to use eye protection and gloves. Always check that the area is well-ventilated before beginning the project.

Not Removing the Old Finish Completely

One of the most exhausting steps in refinishing the furniture is removing the old finish. Most of the DIYers use paint or chemical stripper to do the job. However, make sure to apply it generously on the wood. If you have an uneven layer, it will result in patches whenever the patches are not removed completely.

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