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Designing a Relaxing Master Bedroom

Whether you’re building a new home, or it’s simply time to update your master bedroom, there are many design aspects to consider. You’ll want your room to represent your taste. Of course you’re looking for comfort. Your space will need to be functional as well. Here are some things to consider as you proceed through the design process.

Professional Design

There is no reason to tackle an entire master bedroom design on your own. With so many factors to consider, getting help from designer services can make the entire process more efficient and enjoyable. A knowledgeable designer can help you select furniture and wall colors, of course. Even more than that, they can help you make your bedroom into a cohesive space that you’ll love to spend time in. Ask your designer for more input on the following three areas to really make your bedroom space wonderful.


Intentional thought regarding a room’s textures can elevate the space from basic to luxurious. Texture can be added in many ways, from a faux fur throw over the end of the bed, to an upholstered headboard, to natural fiber wall hangings. Houseplants are another great way to add texture to a room. Plants with varied sizes and shapes of leaves can add visual interest as well as helping to clean your indoor air.


Decorating your bedroom with calm and neutral colors can go a long way toward making your room feel like a relaxing oasis when it’s time to get ready for sleep. Blues and greens are great choices and may help your room seem like a spa getaway. Adding a few pops of bright color into your space can also make it feel more energizing as you get ready each morning. If you have enough natural light, flowering plants such as orchids and cyclamen can add natural beauty and help create the feel of a relaxing retreat.


Adding a seating area to your bedroom, even if it’s just a small corner space, can create a sense of coziness and increase the number of ways you might be able to enjoy your newly decorated space. A chair or bench can be helpful as you’re getting dressed. In addition, a small reading area might allow you to retreat to your bedroom space throughout the day when you’d like a bit of solitude.

Working with an experienced designer to create your ideal bedroom space can help make sure you consider all the important factors when incorporating your design. A well-designed bedroom is a relaxing space you can enjoy spending time in.

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