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Diagnosing Your Garage Door Problems

Annual maintenance is necessary to keep your garage door in working order. However, you may eventually experience garage door problems related to the door’s power and power sources, remote control, settings, hardware and photo eye. Review your warranty and owner’s manual to determine which repairs you can do yourself and which require garage door repair help.


If you have tried both your remote and wall switch and the door still won’t open, you may have a disruption in the power supply. Examine the electrical outlets your door motor and photo eyes are plugged into using a different, working device. Check to ensure your opener’s motor is plugged in and that the wires are not damaged. Then, test your circuit breaker and fuse to confirm they are in working order. If you still have no power, your motor may be burned out.


If your remote does not work, replace the batteries. Also, review your garage door’s range settings to ensure you are within range of the antenna. Make sure your antenna is hanging down and is not damaged or blocked. Reprogram the remote if it still does not work.


If your garage does not open or close all the way or springs back up after closing, evaluate your opening and closing and safety and sensitivity sensor settings. Confirm that the door is on its tracks if you see gaps when it is closed. In addition, check for debris, bends or blockages in the track.

If the garage door motor runs without opening the door, the disconnect cord may have been pulled. In addition, the door may not open if it has been locked with the locking handle.


Your hardware is able to open and close a specific number of times. Loud noises may suggest that your hardware, such as your cables and tension springs, may be damaged or broken. Damaged rollers or lack of lubrication may cause your door to stall. Other parts of your door may also need lubrication, so apply it directly where any noise originates.

In addition, your track may need to be realigned. Your weather sealant may need to be replaced periodically to ensure your door closes completely, keeping out weather and vermin. Rust may also affect your door’s operation, so it must be removed or the parts should be replaced. If your door is cracked, apply waterproof sealant in the cracks to prevent further damage.

Photo Eye

The small black boxes at the bottom of your garage door, the “photo eyes,” may also be damaged. First, look for light in your photo eyes to ensure they are receiving power. If the eyes are blocked or briefly interrupted, your door will not close. Direct sunlight and dust may also interrupt the photo eyes’ operation. Dust or dirt may accumulate on the eyes, so they should be cleaned periodically. In addition, the cords to the photo eyes may be damaged or cut. Finally, if the photo eyes are out of alignment, they will not work properly.

After you have analyzed your garage door’s power source, remote, settings, hardware and photo eyes, you should have an idea of what is wrong with your garage door and if you need professional help to fix it.

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