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Diseases caused by Bed Bugs – Get in-depth Knowledge

Many people believe that bed bug infestation is caused by filth and dirt but this is a misconception. These bugs can be present even in the best of mattresses. Since the bugs are not drawn to decayed substances, they dwell in any environment as long as they have access to food. You must understand this in order to prevent them now or in future.

Controlling them

Eradicating bed bugs from your home and controlling them in future requires professional help. There are number of pest control companies in Canada, who can help you solve your problem at ease. Canada is a country where most people complain of bed bugs since these pests’ dwell in cold climate. Hence, you will find numerous companies offering professional help.

It is easier for you to find a company who will offer cheaper rates than others. However, bed bug removal is a tough and tedious process since this process involves your bedding and mattress as well. Good professional companies will offer you competitive rates and offer maintenance services as well. For more information, you can surf solutioncimex.com/en/bed-bugs/. Also, do not forget to check client testimonials and customer feedback before making your final decision.

Diseases caused by these pests


This is the most common disease that bed bugs spread. When you get bitten you will notice clustered red marks in your back and it will be quite itchy. Sometimes, these rashes are also water filled. Children can experience severe itching from these rashes and it can last up to several days. It is advised to check with a doctor as soon as you see these marks.

Secondary infection

Rashes from bed bugs are not transmittable. However, since they are severely itchy the wounds can open up and lead to ecthyma, if they are left untreated for a long period of time. Secondly, you can also experience lymphanitis if you have breathing problems.

Understanding them to prevent them

These pests’ dwell on blood of humans and require blood to survive. They can feed on blood of your pets as well. Unlike mosquitoes they cannot fly and are nocturnal. They hide near the food source until they find it safe to come out and feed. This is the reason that they usually come out in the dark and bite you while you are sleeping.

They are as small as the tip of the pen and have transparent skin while they are growing up. Nevertheless, in the early stages of infestation, you will also not find any problem and bite marks will be almost negligible. The problem starts manifesting when they have grown large in size and so are their bite marks. At this stage, when they are mature, you will find red rashes in clusters or in line. These rashes may be itchy or may not be itchy at all.

Discover the early signs of bed bugs and protect your home with Clearview Bed Bug Monitor’s comprehensive guide.

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