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Do I Need Plumbers in the Princeton Area for a Leaky Faucet?

Homeowners might not need to call plumbers in the Princeton area for every plumbing issue in the home; a plunger can often clear a clogged toilet quickly and easily, for example, and cleaning hair out of a trap can often get a tub draining again in no time! However, some plumbing problems around your house might seem minor but are serious enough to warrant attention from a professional plumber.

To ensure you’re always keeping your home’s plumbing in good condition and avoid otherwise unnecessary repair bills, check out a few reasons to call plumbers in the Princeton area. You can then know when to call a plumber and why their services are so vital for your home’s overall maintenance and repair!

Why Call Plumbers in the Princeton Area for a Leaky Faucet

A leaky faucet might not seem like enough of a reason to call plumbers in the Princeton area, but a consistent leak is often more serious than homeowners realize. It’s also not difficult to make improper repairs that will wind up costing you more money down the road! Note a few common reasons why a faucet might drip constantly and why you’ll want to leave this repair to the pros.

Worn O-ring

If the faucet is dripping at the base, this can be a worn O-ring, a rounded disk or ring placed where the faucet attaches to its base. Over time, this ring can wear out or slip out of place, allowing water to seep out of that connection.

Unfortunately, many homeowners assume a drip at the faucet base means a worn faucet itself and might change this entire piece rather than the O-ring! Not only is this an unnecessary expense but that worn O-ring will mean more leaks even from your new faucet.

Bad washers

A washer is a flat, round disk installed at the connection of faucet parts and their base. The washer helps control the flow of water through the faucet; however, like O-rings and other parts, a washer will wear out over time so that leaks then form.

While replacing a washer might seem like a small task, improperly installed washers and using the wrong washer for the faucet are two common reasons for leaks to form! Rather than risking future leaks, call a plumber even if your faucet only needs a new washer installation to address leaks.


Faucet parts rub against each other every time you open and close a tap, and those parts are exposed to moisture constantly. It’s no wonder that they all tend to suffer corrosion over the years! Rather than assuming a constantly leaking faucet is one bad part or another, have a plumber examine the faucet from top to bottom and note what needs replacing, to ensure those leaks don’t come back.

Do I Need to Call a Plumber in Princeton for Frozen Pipes?

Frozen pipes are not as simple to address as you might assume! Water expands as it freezes, putting pressure on the pipe and its connectors, often leading to small cracks and other damage. You might not notice these cracks as the ice in the pipe is probably holding back any water flow.

As you start to defrost that pipe, the water then begins to move through the pipe. This pressure on those small cracks, along with a sudden change in temperature, can cause the pipe to burst. Not only will this result in a messy flood, but it can also mean injury to anyone in the vicinity.

To eliminate these risks, call plumbers in the Princeton area for a frozen pipe. He or she will check for damage and assess the pipe, and then make needed repairs or replacement. In many cases, simply removing the frozen pipe and installing a new one is the best choice, and your plumber will ensure that job gets done properly, without the risk of property damage or injury.

Persistent Clogs Need the Attention of a Princeton Plumber!

An occasional clog is often easy to fix by a homeowner, using a plunger and a bit of effort. Clearing hair out of a trap in the shower or “gunk” from a clogged garbage disposal in the kitchen can also get those drains flowing again in no time.

However, persistent clogs are often a signal that there is something wrong with the home’s plumbing, and that it’s time to call in the services of a professional. Check out a short list of reasons why your home’s plumbing might clog persistently and how these issues are addressed:

  • Some solid waste, including flushable wipes, cigarette butts, and human hair, might not flow through plumbing pipes easily. In turn, they build up in the pipes and lead to eventual clogs. Clearing those pipes using specialty equipment such as sound blasting or commercial-grade snakes can reduce the risk of clogs.
  • When outside pipes crack, they allow dirt and sediment to seep in; this sediment also builds up, risking clogs. Not only do the pipes need repair or replacing but a plumber might need to trim back tree roots or anything else wrapped around those pipes.
  • Plumbing pipes in the home are installed at a slight angle, to encourage slow water runoff. Water takes solid waste with it so that water flow needs to be managed for proper drainage. A plumber will assess inside pipes and note if they need proper alignment, to clear and then prevent clogs.
  • Water leaks can cause persistent clogs; since water is needed to move solid waste through pipes, leaks can mean not enough water is in the pipes to empty them completely. Rather than trying to just clear the clog, it’s best to have a plumber check for leaks and perform needed repairs along with clearing those clogs!

Keep all these points in mind when it comes to your home’s plumbing, and call plumbers in the Princeton area if you notice any of these issues. Their expert work will ensure quality services that last and protect your home from future clogs and other plumbing problems.

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