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Facts to Learn About Above Ground Storm Shelter

People who live in areas where there is a high risk for storms should require above ground storm shelter. It is because the possibility of getting hit by these storms is quite real. Often people are confused about the type of house they should purchase to safeguard themselves and their families. That is why this blog is created. It constitutes different facts that one should consider before buying this type of house.

Facts to Learn before Purchasing Above Ground Storm Shelter

Nature has her own way. People cannot expect the unexpected. To ensure that the households are safe from unexpected natural disasters, it is significant to purchase an above ground storm shelter. However, before doing so, it is significant to learn the facts about these houses:

Checking the Safety Ratings

Learning about the safety ratings of the above ground storm shelter is relatively necessary. Usually, the potential effectiveness of a storm is rated from EF 0 to 5 scales. Therefore, it is significant to ensure that the shelter can withstand EF5. This way, there is confidence and assurance of saving the family completely.

Giving Attention to the Construction

Apart from checking the safety ratings, giving attention to the construction of the shelter is also significant. Ensure that the shelter comprises emergency doors other than normal ones that allow the people living in the house to access it in emergency situations. Ensure that the door does not swing. It is because they are susceptible to sticking when the outside debris fills up the space.

Space Requirements

Buying this type of shelter needs a specific type of choice requirements. People living with their families should ensure that the shelter has expandability. It is because more space will bring more comfort to the whole family.

Cost of the Shelter

The cost of this type of shelter is the real issue. The cost of these types of shelter is relatively high. However, it provides protection. Therefore, building your own storm shelter is relatively necessary. Since it cost more than it imagines, it is significant to take the cost in mind before building it.

Misconceptions about Above Ground Storm Shelter

Storms can Blow Around the Shelter

Many people think that the suction of the shelter enables the storm to cause a lot of damage. The extreme wind speeds of surface air are drawn to the vortex. These extreme wind speeds provide energy response to the damage a storm can cause.

However, if the shelter is properly engineered and anchored, it remains securely with the anchor.

Underground Shelters are Safer than Above Ground Storm Shelters

Although underground shelters are safe, the safe room possesses a lot of hazards that outweigh their benefits. The crucial one is the falling debris onto the door of the shelter. They are also exposed to cracking, which leads to flooding. These reasons ensure the above-ground storm shelters are relatively safer.


These types of shelters are made significant to protect people from hazardous weather conditions. Therefore, keeping these facts will help a lot in making the purchasing decisions.

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