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Garden Design Trends Set To Take Over In 2022

Each year, new garden trends sweep the nation, with various plants and items of furniture gradually appearing in a greater number of outdoor spaces. And, as the nation continues to weather a global health crisis, one that has placed considerable focus upon our private spaces, gardens are undergoing an even more significant change.

As 2022 approaches, industry experts are already discussing the new potential trends that are set to take over. We have taken some of the most widely championed, as well as the most interesting, to help you stay ahead of the curve and impress your neighbours.

Wild Botany

The old school of garden organisation is disappearing. No longer are weed killers acceptable, especially as bees become a more important part of our local environments, and regimented garden beds that see certain weeds plucked out of the soil are being frowned upon. Instead, gardeners are embracing a natural design, one that requires the gardener to work with nature instead of seeking to control it.

Solar Power

Continuing the trend of environmentalism, as solar panels and other sustainable energy sources become more affordable, homeowners are seeing to it that they are installed in their gardens. Now, sheds, log cabins, and annexes are increasingly seeing their roofs become utilised as potential space for solar power. While some of these may only generate a modest amount of electricity, they are often enough to power a home’s lighting and gadgets, making it attractive to those motivated by the planet’s health and financial savings.

Robot Help

Gadget support for your garden is now fashionable and affordable. Robot mowers, moisture sensors, and app-controlled garden features are the new assets that are taking over. Not only do they eliminate much of the work involved in a garden’s upkeep, but they also make a space effortless to enjoy, with heating, lighting, and furniture each being controlled with a simple click.

Food For Thought

During various lockdowns, residents began scrutinising their culinary skills, with many turning to make bread and cakes. Now, in the wake of gastronomic enthusiasm, residents are looking for more ways to improve their diet and kitchen hobbies, discovering great potential in the gardens. This can be in the form of an outdoor pizza oven, garden grill, or even a patch for growing one’s own vegetables.

Professional Centre

With a greater demand for remote working, homeowners are seeking professional spaces within their homes. A great number are turning to outbuildings with external garden structures becoming more accommodating and affordable. Exchanging one’s shed for a stylish building, one that can offer a quiet and practical place to work, can make a huge difference in the professional life of those otherwise seeking to work at their kitchen table.

Social Spaces

As various public spaces become more difficult to access, whether due to restrictions or health concerns, residents are turning to their gardens for safe and comfortable socialising. This involves designing dedicated dining areas and outdoor cinema spaces, the types of activities that encourage friends and family to get together in one’s own space. So, in 2022, you can expect more invites to social events that take place within your own neighbourhood.

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