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How Is Concrete Texturing in Las Vegas Performed?

Texturing concrete is becoming very popular in Las Vegas; the concrete texture is done so that no extra material is required to produce it. A texture is stamped concrete and is also known as imprinted concrete. The concrete resembles stones, tiles, slates, bricks, and flagstones.

The various types of finishes and textures are chosen and applied depending on the environment in which they are used. For instance, for the surrounding of a pool known as the poolside, it is advisable to use nonslip textured concrete to prevent the casualty from slipping. When you want concrete texturing in Las Vegas, you must discuss it with the contractor to let them know your expectations and guide you in making the right choice of texture.

Are There Companies That Do Concrete Texturing in Las Vegas?

Yes, numerous companies over decorative concrete texturing in Las Vegas. Choosing from these companies is dependent on your need and your budget. Your preferred designs would also determine which concrete texturing company you would work with. Several concrete texturing companies in Las Vegas can deliver complex designs well.

Does Every Building Require Concrete Texturing?

Yes and no; while it is possible to construct some buildings without needing concrete texturing, most buildings now do concrete texturing in Las Vegas. If you are trendy, you will want to include texture designs in various parts of your building and environment. Generally, the simple answer would be that, except for constructing a completely wooden structure, you would need to require concrete texturing in certain parts of your building and environment.

What Are the Shapes and Textures of Aggregates for Concrete?

The shapes and textures of aggregates for concrete play a huge role in determining strength and workability. Therefore, your contractor should recommend suitable shapes and texture designs that suit your needs. You can then choose from the recommended design. You should not enforce a design on your contractor.

Styles to Note

Just as we have mentioned that the shapes and texture of aggregates depend on the concrete need, some of the shapes and textures to pay attention to in Las Vegas include:

Round and Angular, whose workability is determined by the quantity of water added. An aggregate with an angular shape and rough texture require more water; this aggregate reduces workability while increasing workability. The water-to-cement ratio can also be managed to increase the roughness and angularity of the aggregates.

Flaky and elongated: when the concrete is mixed, the contractors try to avoid the mixture from being elongated and flaky as aggregates affect the concrete and reduce its workability. They also increase the quantity of water, reducing the durability and strength of the concrete. As a guide, if the smallest dimension is less than 0.6times of their core dimension, the aggregate is categorized as flaky. If the highest dimension is greater than 1.8 times of the core dimension, then the aggregate is categorized as elongated.

Generally, your contractor should guide you on the right choice if you communicate the project requirements appropriately.

What Are the Different Types of Concrete Textures?

Stenciling concrete: if you want decorative stamping while permitting design flexibility, then you should consider stenciling concrete as a brilliant alternative.

Stamped concrete, also known as imprinted or texture concrete, is commonly referred to as finish in concrete stamping. As we mentioned earlier, stamped concrete has designs that look like slate, flagstone, stone, tile, and brick. It is the most commonly used type of concrete texture in Las Vegas.

Float and Trowel Finishes: different size arcs and swirls are made on the concrete patterns. There are different tools used in creating this pattern, and these tools determine the design output. The texture created can either be smooth, medium, or coarse. Aluminum floats are used to create smooth finishes, while wood floats are used to create coarse textures.

Broom Finishes: as the name implies, this design is created using brooms, and the design depends on the broom bristle you choose. Broom finishes can produce light or coarse broom finishing.

Where Can You Use Concrete Texture?

There are various ways of using concrete texture. In flooring, concrete finishes are used to create several types of flooring, which include acid stain, which is visible by its mottled appearance and highly opalescent finish, fast stain, which gives the flecked appearance and also a highly opalescent finish and lastly the acrylic sealer that provides thin, portative film on the concrete floor surface.


There are numerous designs of texturing concrete in Las Vegas; Home Advisor estimates that it costs $3 to $5 per square foot to do concrete texturing in Las Vegas. You should consult any reputable company to discuss your needs and have assured of a quality delivery that meets your expectations.

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