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How To Choose the Best Caster Wheels

The use of caster wheels is so common in everyday life that many people are unaware of their prevalence. They are on the grocery and shopping carts, trash cans, and on office chairs. Some applications are not as visible but have at least an equal impact include those on medical equipment, containers of industrial solutions, and automobile manufacturing apparatus. Not all wheels are made the same or for the same purpose, which is why choosing the appropriate wheel depends largely on the weight of the load, floor composition, and temperature.

Load Weight

One of the first considerations in choosing a castor wheel is the weight of the load to be moved. In the grocery store, a cart may carry just a few items or a big load, but it makes sense to have a castor that can carry the range of that load. In the manufacturing setting, where extremely hefty cargo is the norm, industrial wheels made for such burdensome loads apply. Meanwhile, a small delicate piece of equipment such as one made for a tabletop requires a much different castor.

Floor Composition

Imagine rolling a trash bin across a smooth concrete sidewalk and then across a gravel path. There will be a noticeable difference depending on the size of the wheel. A smooth, indoor floor surface that is kept clean and free of debris is suitable for one type of castor, but a rocky, uneven surface littered with debris requires something different. Generally speaking, a larger wheel allows for better movement, but consideration should also be given to the size of the equipment and how the wheel fits.

Extreme Temperature

Most situations where casters are used can be described as having temperatures that are within normal daily living. However, some environments are quite inhospitable because of extreme temperatures. For example, wheels used in deep freezers will perform differently than those used at room temperature. The same is true for those used in intense heat environments such as metal smelting factories. Special lubricants made for such conditions are typically used in these situations to ease performance issues.

Castor wheels have many applications in activities conducted by the average person. They also have an important role in numerous industrial applications. Regardless of the use, the wheels make moving things easier. By spending some time researching the weight of the load, floor composition, and temperature levels, choosing the best castor wheel can be made easier.

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