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Whenever you see a house, one of the first things that you notice are its sidings. When it comes down to home renovations, it is an undeniable fact act that special and extra attention needs to be paid to the sidings of the house as it is a very crucial aspect of the house. Even before you visit a store to see the kind of options which are available for sidings, it is best to have an idea about what kind of siding would you be needing. Here is a guide to sidings for your next house renovation.

How to assess the siding needs?

Before deciding on a siding you need to carry out an examination and decide on a budget and aesthetic that you are going for. If you are planning to sell the house in the near future, then you might also have to keep the resale value of the house in mind. Apart from this, carry out the research on local fire and safety codes, along with the regional trends. This will give you an idea about what materials are legally available in your area. If you are going for a particular type of siding, then you might have to find a particular contractor with the right skills.

Does the weather condition play a role in picking out the sidings?

When you are assessing your siding needs, you will also have to consider the climate of the region that you are living in and how much maintenance work are you willing to do. Certain siding materials are not well suited to very rainy areas, whereas some may be vulnerable to cold regions which frequently undergo freeze-thaw cycles. Though some materials may naturally need more maintenance work than others, when you opt for a material which isn’t well suited to the climate then it not only adds to the expense of maintaining your house but also increases the list of the chores to carry out.

Hire a contractor

With certain materials, it is important to consider a DIY route when it comes to their installation. However, with certain materials and styles, you would need to hire a roofing contractor who has had some experience in this.

Deciding from siding layout options

Once you’ve assessed your siding needs, the next step is to decide which siding layout option you should go for. There is a wide range of options which are available in the market, the following are just some of the options that you could consider. Horizontal lap siding is one of the most popular designs which gives your house asymmetrical look, which is also very elegant. Broad and Batten is another timeless option that you could look into. It is a siding which would take you back to the classic barn or farm and you can get it done in wood or fibre cement. Third popular options are the shingles which can give your house an artsy vibe.

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