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How To Maintain Your Marble Countertops

Stone countertops can provide elegance and beauty for any home. Some people believe that marble requires too much maintenance for a busy household, but this is not the case. Here are some easy ways to keep your Manhattan home’s marble looking its best.

Clean Regularly

Weekly dusting and gently cleaning with a mild soap and water solution is the best way to clean marble countertops. Follow this by drying with a lint-free soft towel. Avoid harsh or acidic cleaners, including ammonia, bleach or citrus-based formulas, which can strip marble’s luster and leave dull patches behind.

Wipe Spills

It is best to wipe up dark foods and beverages like tomatoes, coffee and wine quickly to avoid permanent marks that can develop if spills sit too long. When doing prep work on marble kitchen or bathroom countertops, use cutting boards or drop cloths with ample dimensions to capture staining particles.

Polish Dullness

Marble is at its best when gleaming and polished, but its high concentration of calcium carbonate can react with some household substances, causing its natural sheen to become dull. In particular, lemons, wine or any acidic cleansers will cause etching or dullness, anywhere they come in contact with marble. If your countertops lose the sparkle you fell in love with, services that provide marble polishing Manhattan NY can restore them to their former glory.

Avoid Heat

Although marble is a relatively hard stone that can withstand heat, it is best to avoid placing hot pots and pans directly on your countertops. As a natural stone, marble is vulnerable to drastic temperature changes and can crack from a sudden heat shock. Marble’s relative softness can also make it susceptible to scratching caused by contact with metal, although this may not be very noticeable.


As with many natural stones, marble should be treated with a sealant to protect it from everyday stains, spills and other damage. Many consumers wonder how frequently they should seal their marble. Most experts advise testing your countertops by pouring a small amount of water on one spot. If, after about 10 minutes, you notice that this area is darker than the rest of your counter, it is time to reseal.

Marble countertops are desirable because of the unique pattern, color and character of every piece. Although marble does require some maintenance, this is true of every natural stone. Anyone who opts for marble countertops may quickly realize that their upkeep is quite manageable compared with the beauty they offer.

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