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How to Prepare Yourself for Long Term Storage

If you have decided to rent a storage unit for business or just for personal use, you will need to prepare the area before you start to put anything inside. Although most reputable storage unit providers take good care of their property, you’ll need to make some arrangement to ensure your belongings are kept in excellent condition. Long term storage is a lot different to short term storage.

Preparing the Floor

Leaving some items on concrete floors for a long period of time may be fine, depending on what you are storing. But, over time, moisture can seep through concrete floors and damage items such as wooden furniture. The best way to avoid this is to lay tarp on the floor of the storage unit, so moisture cannot get near your possessions. Although this isn’t a big problem, laying tarp guarantees no moisture will get in.

Correct Storage Items

Experts in storage units in South Eastern Melbourne suggest using proper storage equipment when packing your belongings away for an extended period. Don’t put stuff in plastic bags, they won’t last and soon your possessions will be exposed to the elements. If you’re going to be storing items for a long time, using proper storage boxes. The right packaging keeps your belongings safe and free from unnecessary damage.

Detailed Inventory

There is no point in packing a storage unit without labelling boxes or keeping a detailed inventory. If you want to find something quickly, you’ll have some task on your hands if you don’t even know what is in there. Labelling or creating an inventory helps you to remember what is there, as over time you’ll start to forget.

Point of Contact

If you won’t be going near your storage unit for a long term, make sure you have a local point of contact in the area who has access to the unit. They’ll be able to post your stuff when you need it or just check on your belongings from time to time. This person will act as a point of contact if there are any problems with the unit.

Having access to a long-term storage unit has many benefits. Once you acquired the storage space, you can then prepare the area for your belongings. Make sure you keep a detailed inventory, so you know what is there and place all the items in the right type of boxes. Plastic bags and cardboard boxes aren’t a great option.

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