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How To Test Pool Water

The right balance of chemicals in your pool is what keeps the water clean, clear and safe to swim in. Here are some tips for testing your water at home.

Buy a Testing Kit

Water testing Pittsburgh is easy with the right equipment. You can buy easy-to-use kits at nearly any pool supply store. Research the different types of kits, such as liquid tests and test strips to determine what kind is right for you.

Store Equipment Properly

Testing equipment should be stored in a cool, dark place. Read the instructions for storage requirements for your materials. Be sure to dispose of expired kits, as they can produce inaccurate results.

Read the Instructions

For your safety and to ensure results are interpreted correctly, always carefully read and follow the instructions on your testing equipment.

Be Patient

It can take several minutes to get accurate results. Be aware of how long your test takes to complete, and don’t try to read the results too early.

Know Your Ranges

It is important to understand what your target ranges are for each chemical. These ranges can be found within testing kit instructions. There are also many online resources for determining the right chemical levels for your pool.

Test Often

If you are testing your water at home, it should be checked at least two to three times per week. Even with regular testing, you will want to take a sample to be professionally tested at least once a month.

Know When To Test

Sometimes your pool will let you know when you need to measure chemical levels, even if you already do it regularly. Cloudiness or discoloration of water is a good indicator that the chemical balance may be off. Likewise, if you experience any skin irritation after swimming, you should check and treat your water before swimming again. Different weather patterns also impact the required frequency of testing. For example, rain can disrupt the chemical makeup of your pool.

Hire a Professional

At-home-testing isn’t for everyone. If you do not wish to do it yourself or do not have the ability to conduct tests as often as necessary, you can regularly bring samples to a pool store for testing or hire professionals to come to your home and check your water as needed.

Maintaining the appropriate chemical balance is an important part of keeping your pool beautiful and safe. Using test kits or hiring a professional pool service makes it easy to keep your water levels in check.

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