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How Women Are Thriving in the Real Estate Market

For centuries, businesses and governments of the world have been predominantly run by men. Not until the 1900s were women finally given some of the respect and rights they deserve — and women continue to prove that. When given the opportunity, they are truly ready to soar. Nowhere is that more clear than within the real estate market.

While homeownership and buying and selling of property was a man’s game for many years, female real estate agents are taking the world by storm and creating complete, exciting businesses for themselves. Through creative problem solving and renewed confidence, women are finding it easier to expand their own business and pursue a long-term career in helping individuals become homeowners. Women are intelligent, strong, and resourceful. These qualities are just a few of the ways they are making a mark on the real estate field. Read below for a few more examples of how women are thriving in this chosen career.

Taking Back Control

Did you know that women couldn’t even own property until 1980 without the help of a male co-signer? Well, in just 40 years women have completely taken back control of this industry. According to certain data, women outnumber men two to one in the real estate field as agents. Finding success within the industry first required women to take back control and ownership of the housing market.

When it comes to buying a home or managing the budget, women take on more of the responsibility now than men to. For that reason, they usually prefer to work with a woman who will provide customer service that is more relevant to their own experience. In other words, women are in great company and can do an excellent job for their clients when they better relate to them.

Likewise, in the 21st century, jobs are not nearly as gendered as they once were. Women can excel anywhere, from buying and selling houses to renovating them. You only need to believe you have the power and ability and you can thrive. For example, to install a new roof or work on a roofing project may have been a man’s job back in the day. Now, companies like Fairfax roofing create an inclusive employee experience for all, and women are taking back control to work on roof repair, as a contractor, or a real estate agent. Doors begin to open once you believe you are capable of thriving in any job.

Inclusive Workplace

With more women in the real estate field, it’s becoming an inclusive place for first-time agents and all women pursuing career growth in the field. By creating an environment where women work together to do a good job, you’re encouraging great work. Venterra Realty is a leader in this field by offering jobs in the best fields for women. When your workplace is inclusive and flexible, there’s nothing you can’t achieve within that field.

Climbing the Ladder

Career growth in record time is one of the perks of the real estate field. There are so many opportunities to pursue different jobs within the industry. Maybe you’re interested in buying and selling, or becoming a home remodeler, or owning apartment communities. You can easily climb the ladder and advance your career if you have good work quality and efficient sales numbers.

Flexibility Is Key

Real estate is an ideal career for women because it offers a level of flexibility that other jobs may not. Rather than sitting at a desk for eight hours every day, you are out and about offering a competitive price to your clients and checking specific suggestions for homes. This is a perfect career for working moms or women who like to work from home. The element of flexibility allows you to fit your career into your busy life while staying balanced and happy. Because team members can do a great job whether it’s in the office, at home, or out and about.

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