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How Wood Boiler Is An Eco-Friendly Solution To Your Heating Needs

outdoor wood boiler

Unlike fossil fuels, burning wood in a boiler outside doesn’t cause excessive pollution and harm the environment. It reduces your carbon footprint, as the burning wood gives out the same amount of carbon dioxide that would have been released in its biodegradation. Thus the outdoor wood boiler is a sustainable, renewable and extremely useful way of heating homes.

Let’s now give you a better idea about the eco-friendliness of wood burning.

Wood is carbon neutral 

This means that it doesn’t increase the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Throughout a tree’s life, it absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere, and by burning the wood, you just end up releasing the same, thus maintaining balance. No wonder it’s one of the oldest sources of heat in the history of mankind. The wood-burning techniques used to heat homes and water are way more eco-friendly than burning fossil fuels for the same purpose.

outdoor wood boiler

Why should you consider switching to a wood boiler?

First of all, it’s environmentally friendly, as explained earlier. Secondly, it’s cost-effective, as the costs of fossil fuels are increasing with each passing moment. As the government monitors the excess wood harvested, you can never run out of available wood to keep your homes warm. Clear cutting is prohibited in many areas, which maintains a balance, and a reduction in the use of fossil fuel will benefit Mother Nature to a huge extent. So if you can restrain yourself by following a few rules, nature will always provide you with enough wood to burn and keep yourself warm during the colder months.

High efficiency is one of the biggest reasons for burning wood

You can also control the rate of burning in a wood boiler. This creates just enough heat to keep you and your family warm, heat the water you need regularly for bathing, washing and doing your laundry. If there’s excess heat, you can also use to charge your solar batteries.


The modern outdoor wood boiler is cost-effective and more efficient than traditional heating appliances. You can use them for a variety of purposes without compromising on the environment.

Following the low emissions and high-efficiency technique, the advanced wood boiler provides you with a loner lasting fire, sometimes overnight, by making use of effective techniques like throwing the wet wood at the back of the furnace. They take a long time to burn, thus keeping the fire on for the entire night.

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