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Is your Septic System in Trouble? Look Out for These Signs

Septic systems must be pumped every few years. However, the system may need to be replaced after decades of wear and tear. If your current system needs to be pumped more frequently, this could mean it is failing. A new seoptic construction in albany might be necessary when you notice any of the following signs:

Standing Water in the Yard

Any water in the yard that comes from the septic system is not a good sign. While it could mean the system needs repair, it could also be a problem with the drain field. This is something you should pay attention to as it can get worse. Sometimes, standing water doesn’t have to do with the tank. It may come from a failing drain field where liquid from the tank flows in the yard.

A drain field problem can be fixed by using a chemical or biological additive to clear the blockage. Septic system maintenance professionals may also perform mechanical aeration or consider a replacement.

Constant Backups

Constant pipe backups could indicate a failing septic system. If raw sewage begins to back up in the toilet, this could mean the system has a serious issue. Bad odors and gurgling pipes are signs of clogged pipes. Also, you might notice improper draining and reduced flushing of the toilet. Consistent, serious clogging in the system could mean it must be replaced.

Greener Grass

If the grass in the location of the drain field or tank is greener than in other areas, this could indicate septic system failure. If the drain field begins to break down, the moisture level in the soil will significantly raise, causing the grass to look greener. Also, more plants may grow in the area due to the high moisture level and the sewage that will serve as fertilizer.

Tank Problems

If the septic tank experiences constant problems, it might need to be replaced. The tank may overflow frequently which means it’s not disposing of wastewater properly. Also, you may notice a high solid accumulation in the tank which means improper break down of solids. Septic tanks that don’t function properly may need replacement.

Failed Water Test

Water tests are a part of septic inspection. If the test is positive for harmful contaminants such as bacteria and nitrates, this could indicate a serious problem. A failed water test means your septic system has not been able to dispose of and filter water correctly. Such kind of failure should not be taken lightly because this indicates you may have to consider installing a new septic tank.

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