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Know About the Right Product for Basement Insulation

The basement of the home is an essential part that requires proper insulation. The room has a musty smell that can be prevented. Hence, one of the goals of house insulation is to control the temperature of the basement and keep it away from mildew. Here are some ways in which this goal can be achieved. You also need to find the right product for the insulation of the basement.

Basement Insulation- the way to overcome the problem

Many basements have concrete walls that can absorb moisture easily. This leads to a musty smell. While preparing for home insulation you can check the issue of infiltration. First, you need to check the drainage system and next to the basement insulation options.


  • Fiberglass is popular in terms of basement insulation products. But these are not so effective in terms of resisting moisture. In comparison to that, you can find rigid foam insulation. These may cost you high but can give better results than the fiberglass.
  • Rigid foam is in the form of sheets or panels. They are created from extruded polystyrene or XPS. It is to be noted that XPS is a flammable material. Hence, while installing it, a thermal barrier is required. The best is to go for a thick half-inch gypsum board.
  • Also, the rigid foam insulation has a water-resistant feature. Fiberglass, on the other hand, holds water overtime. XPS helps to overcome the problem of moisture in the basement.
  • If you are going for fiberglass insulation than you can apply it directly to a concrete wall. Also, keep a space between the insulation and the wall. This is to avoid mold and mildew. To prevent moisture, you can first cover the concrete with a continuous layer of rigid foam or closed-cell spray foam. Closed-cell spray foam helps in insulating basement walls. It has a high R-value and moisture resistance quality. As the gaps are filled up, you get the best protection against air infiltration. You can also save yourself from high electricity bills.
  • You can go for interior or exterior walls insulation. But, interior insulation is more cost-effective. However, you can choose the appropriate option. For example, while insulating the exterior walls, there is more space inside the basement. If you’re building a new home, it is good to go for interior wall insulation.

Basic steps to insulate a basement using rigid foams

  • Using a broom clean the basement walls. They should get dry before moving to the next step.
  • Next, measure and cut the rigid foam insulation. It should be cut in proper size.
  • Use a specifically designed adhesive with the rigid foam. You need to apply it to the corners and along the edges of the rigid foam.
  • Finally, apply the rigid foam to the wall. You need to push it back toward the ceiling joists.

You can consult professional contractors for house insulation.  If you’re from Kentucky, you can hire the best installers in spray foam insulation Lexington KY to do this for you.

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