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Learn About Identifying Various Hail Damages to Your Roof

Whenever there is any hail storm then the hail will not only hit your vehicles and damage them but also it can damage your home and other commercial properties.

We all know that hailstorms can always be too destructive, and the degree of various damages can also vary greatly. You can always contact with the roofing company by visiting the website https://www.sunflowerstateexteriors.com/ when you face any problem.

Following are few factors which can affect the type or degree of damage which must have impacted by hailstorm, and also provide guidance about identifying various hail damages to different kinds of shingles as well as roofing material.

  • Wind

The direction and speed of the wind can always vary during a hailstorm and such changes in the wind conditions may always affect the severity and location of impacts of hail.

  • Size and density

Degree of your damage to the property may always vary as per the size of hailstones. Hailstone can be small size like pea, or large like a softball too. Most of the hailstones may not have smooth edge, that can impact type of damage.

  • Building materials

Every different building material will absorb hail impacts in different way like hail may cause dings in the aluminum siding, asphalt shingles or gutters, whereas it may crack vinyl siding.

Also, softball-sized hailstones will be sufficiently dense and strong to puncture the roof. Besides, the degree of roof damage may also vary on the condition and age of a roof.

  • Barriers

Also, the position of various neighboring structures like tree cover, fences, landscaping or adjacent homes will reduce ability of causing hail damage.

How any hail damage in your Roof will look like?

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When your roof is struck by hail then shingles may react differently. For example, any hail damage to composition shingles and asphalt may look very different as compared to hail damage to the wood shingles.

Therefore, you must know about different damage effects for properly identifying whether you have really any roof damage because of hail.

  • Hail damage on composition shingles and asphalt
  • Random damage having no discernable pattern.
  • Loss of granules, that can expose your roof felt.
  • Hail hits which are of black color.
  • Hail hits which are soft to touch
  • Mat and/or asphalt that may appears shiny.
  • Hail damage on wood shingles
  • Random damage having no discernable pattern.
  • Split in shingle which is of brown/orange color.
  • Split in shingle which has sharp edges and corners.
  • Split in shingle which has little or no deterioration at edges.
  • Impact of dents/marks along the splits.

Many other kinds of damages to shingles can often be mistaken as hail damage. As an example, inclement weather exposure and sunlight will make shingles brittle and will give them as aged appearance.

Such type of damage usually is shingle wear and tear, which is often misidentified as a hail damage. Few other types of such normal damage include:

  • Blistering
  • Cracking
  • Flaking and algae
  • Granule loss.

Often mechanical imperfections and manufacturing defects in shingles are often mistaken as hail damage too.

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