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Making Your Living Room Camera-Ready

Now that so many people are working or learning from home, you may suddenly find yourself running business meetings or taking classes from your living room. You could use the fake backgrounds that some videoconferencing platforms offer, but wouldn’t it be better to have a space that is camera-ready?

Invest in Quality Furniture

Your well-worn sofa has probably seen better days, but you’ve put off replacing it because you’ve spent good money on lousy furniture in the past. To make sure you’re getting a piece that looks beautiful and lasts, purchase quality furniture from places like Joybird reviews furniture. Buying high-end pieces turn a splurge into a smart investment, and the Joybird reviews attest to the satisfaction that comes with furniture made with style, comfort, and durability in mind.

Choose Trendy Paint Colors

Dingy walls or tired colors in your living room can give guests — real and virtual — the sense that your entire home is unkempt. Nothing spruces up a room quicker than a fresh coat of paint, and choosing the right colors can make any space look smart and inviting. Sticking to a neutral palette is the safe option, but picking darker shades in trendy nature-inspired colors makes a bold statement.

Maximize Natural Lighting

The harsh light from compact fluorescent or other synthetic sources can show imperfections and make colors look washed-out, but letting in natural light can do wonders for the room’s overall appearance. Remove heavy drapes and window coverings to let in that warm and sunny natural glow. If the sun casts odd shadows in your workspace or causes a glare, simply rearrange the furniture to find the optimal angle.

Your living room is doing double duty as both a work and leisure space, but paying attention to just a few important elements will get your home ready for its close-up in no time.

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