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Nine Ways to Save Your AC Running Cost

Summer time can become too uncomfortable and if you run your AC for the whole day, then your electricity bill can really upset your monthly budget. Therefore, you need to think of various ways to save on your energy bill.

Certainly, you have no control on the climate outside but you can do something in your home, so that you may have to depend less on your AC. This way, you can save some amount of your energy bill.

Following few tips can be very handy in reducing your AC running cost.

  • Try to plant big trees around the home

If you plant big trees around your home then it can provide you shade and you can use your AC less.

  • Clothe your windows

If you cover your windows properly with curtains and blinds then too sunlight will not enter your room and will not produce more heat, as a result need of AC will be reduced.

  • Flip a switch

You must always switch off your AC when you are not in the room. Also, you can set your thermostat at proper setting, so that it will switch off the compressor automatically when desired temperature is achieved.

  • Run some fans

By regularly running your fan too, you can reduce the need of AC so that you can save on electric energy.

  • Chill in your basement

You may also prefer to spend more time of the day at your basement, where temperature will be more comfortable and reduce the need of AC.

  • Avoid making use of stove and oven

Your stove or oven can heat up the atmosphere of the room and therefore reduce their use, so that your room temperature may not rise up.

  • Maintain your AC

Regularly maintain your air conditioner and keep the filter clean. Dirty filter will always put pressure on AC and as a result high energy will be consumed.

  • Allow humidity to decide your cooling settings

Except during humid days, you may put the AC fan speed at high. On humid days, you may put your fan speed to low.

Slower movement of air through the AC equipment will remove more moisture out of air, and improve the comfort level in your home.

  • Take frequent bath

Also, you may take frequent shower bath so that you will feel cool, and will not need to run the AC too often.

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