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Popular Kitchen Styles for Renovations

Renovating can be difficult, especially if you don’t know exactly what you are looking for in a renovation. Luckily, there are some basic layouts that you can first choose to start, and then customise the way you see fit. If you are preparing to renovate a kitchen, but you aren’t sure where exactly to start, here are some great kitchen layouts to help get your creative juices flowing.

The One-Wall Kitchen

As it sounds, this layout consists of one wall running along the side of your kitchen, holding all of your kitchen needs. This type of layout is popular for those with smaller homes but be sure to plan carefully. Think about where you’d like your stove and your fridge and plan your cabinets from there. Be sure you have plenty of drawers for storage and space. Don’t forget to look up! The walls can make a great place to hang mugs, store spices, and more.

The Island Kitchen

These kitchens are great for an open concept space and work particularly well in large kitchens. The island in the centre is the showstopper of the kitchen, so choose your island carefully! There’s the rustic butcher-block island, or the timeless Hamptons kitchen, complete with pristine white walls and furniture. Surrounding the island along the walls are your cabinets, where your kitchen tools and gadgets can be safely stored away.

The Corridor Kitchen

Technically, this could also be called a two-wall kitchen. Like the one-wall kitchen, this has cabinets running against the wall, but two walls directly across from one another. This creates a sort of “corridor” in-between. This is good for medium-sized kitchens and works well to utilize the space. These kitchens are particularly useful when they lack doors and simply flow from one room to another.

The L-Shaped Kitchen

This is a great option for more space in a sleek design. This has cabinets that run perpendicular to one another and is a good design for flexibility in the placement of your appliances. A pantry might make good use of the corner in your kitchen while still optimizing space.

No matter your kitchen space, consider all the aspects that you want included in your kitchen. This will help you better select the right design for your home. If you frequently have guests over, you may want to consider how to utilize the space to have all of your kitchen needs met while still providing ample room. If you’re a big cook, think about the necessities you want close, and how much room they will take up. Kitchens can make for great renovation projects.

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