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Simple and Inexpensive Ways to Go Green

Many companies in various fields are now advocating for sustainability. Even businesses handling hazardous materials (HAZMAT) in Utah are getting environmental.

Focusing on the environment does not only secure the initial safety of the community, but it also takes into consideration their long-term well-being— as businesses should. With that being said, under the State and Federal Law, the Salt Lake City Fire Department has been holding a thorough inspection program and permit application before a business is issued with an Annual Hazardous Materials Permit. It is proof of how the government plays a big role in encouraging companies to shift into mindful business practices.

Going green might appear like a marketing trend, timely but not timeless, considering the number of companies that label themselves as such. Add the fact that the market supports businesses that make an effort to reduce their carbon footprint. However, before the claim, going green means that these are the companies that take the necessary measures to lessen their adverse effects on the environment by recycling and using renewable energy. They understand the role that they play in making a way for positive social change.

It might leave you wondering if your company should take the steps towards sustainability. Starting doesn’t need to cost you an arm and a leg. Here are simple activities your company can participate in:

  • Encourage rideshares among your company staff.

Carpools have multiple benefits: it can help you save gas money, reduce your carbon footprint, and promote camaraderie among staff. Your company can initiate the program by having a sign-up event. To encourage them further, the company can provide monthly and annual rewards for those who are consistently using carpools as a means of transportation to and from work. You can also promote the use of public transport to those who prefer commuting alone.

  • Offer a full vegetarian and organic menu in the cafeteria once a week.

Replacing meat with vegetarian protein can help reduce greenhouse gases. However, promoting this is difficult because of the thought that a vegetarian meal is tasteless. It’s a trope that needs changing. Remember that you are not forcing a change in lifestyle; you are merely changing their impression by letting them know that vegetarian and organic dishes can be delicious. If your company has no in-house cafeteria, encourage your staff to bring vegetarian dishes which can be shared by everyone. Again, give a reward to your weekly champion.

  • Urge the company to recycle.

Recycling is the easiest and most common environmental-friendly activity. It’s so easy, and it’s even done in schools. First, you can provide a sustainable alternative when supplying office materials. For example, you can choose recycled paper for the office and recycled tissue paper for the bathroom. It is a common suggestion for good reasons: recycling paper diverts waste away from landfills; it spares the trees from being cut down for the sake of producing more. You can also encourage the use of tumblers and mugs for coffee instead of providing plastic cups in the pantry.

  • Consume energy wisely.

Create an office culture in which every staff shuts down the computers and turns off the lights when not in use. Your office can use energy-efficient lightbulbs such as LEDs and CFLs. In the future, make it your goal to have a company powered by renewable energy.

Caring for the environment doesn’t have to be expensive. Live and work mindfully.

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