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Soil Conditioner Is The Finest Way of Keeping Plants Strong and Healthy

Soil conditioner can be an organic or a non-organic matter which is mixed in soil to improve its quality. Soil is comprised of three-elements, clay, sand and silt. Out of these three, silt is considered to be the most fertile soil. When sand or clay is in increased quantity the soil becomes infertile which is why organic material or soil conditioner is used to maintain minerals, nutrients and pH balance.

There are many stores that provide high quality of organic matter for good plant growth. Harvest Gold Organics is also one of the brands that provide natural soil conditioner. They know the benefits of soil conditioner for your garden and therefore provide the best quality of HGO top quality of soil conditioner that changes dull plants into healthy plants. They are located in Texas, but they ship products to different cities as well. If you are looking for non-toxic, chemical-free and USDA certified product, then you have looked in right place.

Here are the benefits of soil conditioner –

  • It improves moisture retention, this means that water flows easily to all roots.
  • It converts soil particles into granules with pores so that they can breathe and pass on water and nutrients to plants easily.
  • Organic substance in soil conditioner sustains moisture, therefore, it is able store nutrients easily.
  • Microorganisms like earthworms are needed in soil to keep it fertile and for this, they need food and water to survive. Soil conditioner contains organic matter that works as food for microorganisms.
  • Soil conditioners are rich in carbon, calcium, nitrogen, magnesium, phosphorus, bacteria which helps in growing plants stronger and bigger.

The nutrients that are available in soil are –

  • Potash is a grouping of potassium plus salt that helps in absorbing nutrients and water for roots.
  • Zinc helps in growth of hormones which further helps in plant growth.
  • Calcium helps in development of roots which also keeps plant alive.
  • Phosphate
  • Sodium
  • Magnesium
  • Manganese
  • Iron
  • Sulfur

Silica is the most important ingredient as it helps in increasing water retention. It helps in building thick structure in plants, stems, leaves, flowers, and branches. Thus, plants sustain hardships and fight back mold and bacteria.

It is easy to test the quality of natural soil. There are many soil test kits available in market. This helps in knowing the pH balance of soil which is again an important element that helps in keeping plants in good shape and also helps in testing the mineral quantity.

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