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The Benefits of Choosing Quality Seashell Cabinet Pulls [And What to Look for When Buying One]

There are so many designs and styles of cabinet handle in the market. Thus, choosing one can be quite an uphill task.

Interior décor is the soul of the house. When people enter a home, the décor speaks of the kind of person the owner is. They can gather their style and interests from the ambiance. For this reason, everybody takes extra care to create an interior space that resonates with their personality.

One way to achieve this is through seemingly minute details like cabinet handles. When it comes to interior décor, little is more. Something as simple as unique cabinet pulls can become the point of interest in a room.

Seashell cabinet pulls are the topic picks when going for an elegant and unique beach theme.

This article highlights some of the benefits of going for seashell pulls for cabinetry.

Easy to Grasp

When it comes to cabinet handles, pulls give a better grip than knobs. That is because knobs require the use of fingers to clutch. On the other hand, pulls allow more space to fit an entire hand or most of the fingers. The seashell pulls have a rough texture that makes grasping easy. It is beneficial for homes with old or people with compromised arm muscles.

Ideal for Tropical Décor

For the tropical and coastal décor lover, a seashell is more than a decorative piece. The image of seashells on a tropical beach brings memories of relaxation and vacation. A beautiful conch shell handle design is enough to bring back memories of holding up an empty one close to the ear to hear the sound of waves crashing.

It makes a great combination with tropical theme pieces like palm trees.

Less Contact with Cabinets

The design allows more hand space that helps to reduce contact with the cabinetry. The handles protect the cabinets from the transfer of oils and dirt from the hand to the surfaces. That means the cabinet can stay relatively clean for long despite the constant everyday touch.

They are Durable

Despite seashell cabinet handles taking the form of fragile sea creatures, the pewter casting gives them the strength and durability of regular metal handles. With large dimensions that support heavyweights, they can work as well on big cabinet doors.

Come in a Wide Selection

These kinds of handles can be as versatile as the numerous sea creatures in the sea. The quality designs in the shape and form of sea creatures make them resourceful. There are starfish shell designs, seahorses, scallops, tulip conch, and nautilus.

They are Unique

It is safe to say that seashell handles are in a class of their own. Instead of the regular bar, cup, or wire metal pulls, choosing seashell designs can make any cabinet stand out in the home. They have creative designs of starfish, scallops, tulip conch, etc.

They are Artistic

The creativity of seashell pulls adds a touch of playfulness and beauty in rooms such as the kitchen or living spaces. They are art pieces that can complement any décor style or transform plain-looking spaces.

What to Look for When Choosing Quality Seashell Cabinet Pulls

There are no strict rules for selecting a cabinet handle. However, an understanding of where and how helps to go for a quality that matches the purpose. Operating a small size handle on a large cabinet will be hard and uncomfortable. Below is a round of tips and pointers for choosing a quality that does not disappoint.

Mounting Style

Mounting is an important aspect when choosing the seashell cabinet handle since it determines how to place it on the cabinetry. Horizontal is ideal for drawers and vertical for doors. Picking a shell design that can mount both horizontally and vertically offers more flexibility.


Cabinet handles come in metal, glass, or crystal material. Out of these, the most common one for seashell handles is metal. The available options to choose from include nickel, pewter, bronze, and stainless steel.

How They Feel

Consider testing how the pull feels to the touch. Although it may be easy to fall in love with a beautiful looking piece, ease of use is more important. For example, a star-shaped pull can look pretty but turn out to be uncomfortable when grasping to open a cabinet. Its pointy edges can become a real nuisance pretty fast.


Cabinet pulls come in a variety of unique designs. There are long or short, classic designs like window sash pulls. Understanding the pros and cons of a specific style helps to determine where it best suits.


Another factor to consider is the size of the seashell handle in comparison to the cabinet door. A smaller handle will require more strength to grasp and pull if the door is large and new.

Distance between the Handle and Cabinet Surface

Always go for seashell cabinet pulls that are taller. Short ones make contact with the surface more often. Over time the cabinet finish wears around these areas. Dark cabinet finishes fade and become whiter while light cabinet finishes turn brown from contact with dirty hands. To prevent the mess and make the sleek appearance of cabinets last longer, choose taller handles like the seahorse cabinet pull.

Type of Finish

Another factor to look out for when buying is the type of finish on the cabinet pull. It’s essential for durability. The finishing material determines if the handle appearance will change color or fade. For instance, oil rubbed bronze is prone to wear and brass coating tarnishes without regular polishing.

In Conclusion

Functionality and beauty is the mark of seashell cabinet pulls. Installing them on home cabinetry is like pairing jewelry with clothing. They complement the outfit while at the same time fit personal preference and style. They are unique and add personality to the home living spaces. Consider a few pointers such as where to install, the cabinet colors, the material when choosing a handle.

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