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The Growing Trend of Artificial Turf Installation in Houston Homes

Water is a necessity of life. However, some living things, like turfgrass, can survive in minimum humid conditions. In cities that experience drought and dryness for an extended period, turfgrass is the best option for your homes and surroundings. This grass doesn’t need much water. However, it requires delicate care and maintenance. That’s where technology plays its role with the invention of artificial turfs. This article will explore the growing trend of synthetic turf installation in Houston homes.

The Appeal of Artificial Turf in Houston

For a city with severe weather conditions, artificial turf provides the community with an all-year green look. They are very eco-friendly and play a crucial role in delivering blissful green to the environment. In contrast, natural grasses cannot survive through all weather conditions of the year. The State is known for intense flooding in some seasons, and drastic droughts in opposite seasons.

This implies that growing a natural turf is tough since some seasons aren’t conducive for its growth. With diverse weather conditions faced all year round, it is no surprise that families are going for artificial turfgrass that is less stressful to maintain and can shine its green all year round.

Eco-Friendly Landscaping

We’ve previously highlighted the capricious weather of Houston. However, this city faces extreme water scarcity during the period of drought. All life forms, humans, animals, and plants, constantly compete for available water. It is always a situation of the less the merrier. This means the fewer natural plants, the better the water conservation. Artificial turfgrass in Houston helps manage the available water because it doesn’t need it to survive.

Artificial turf in Houston also helps to reduce the use of harmful chemicals. Ther’s no need for pesticides and fertilizers to preserve the integrity of artificial turfgrass. Therefore, it promotes a healthier environment for the people of Houston. Global warming is taking a severe toll on Houston and the world at large, and humans can only help the situation by providing a healthier environment. Minimizing the use of chemicals helps lower the potential for ozone layer depletion or smog formation.

Curb Appeal and Property Value

Nothing is as beautiful as a lawn with a consistent lush green look all year round. The well-maintained flower bed, hedges, and trees provide an aesthetic appeal to the property. It helps in the property value of the building and its environment, especially in the resale real estate market. Artificial turfgrass makes a property look more appealing to buyers and enhances the overall inspection of the building. It is advisable to carry out a turf installation in Houston. It gives your current property good looks and makes it more valuable when it is time for resale.

DIY vs. Professional Installation

A trend always comes with its cost. The difference between DIY and Professional turf installations if often debated.  Each side of the discussion has its pros and cons. Before making a choice, study and carry out your research based on your budget.


If the natural weather isn’t favorable to Houston, technology certainly has the city covered! Many homes and commercial property owners have already embraced the use of turfgrass for their lawns. The beauty and advantage of this grass give it away as the next best thing to do for your homes in Houston.

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