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The Most Common Boiler Repair & Maintenance Issues

Boilers are advanced devices that are not frequently in need of repair. This is a positive attribute of a boiler, as it is robust and usually does not need much upkeep. Nevertheless, issues with a boiler can occur at times and may come as a surprise. Here are some of the most common boiler problems you may encounter as a homeowner. If you ever run into problems, be sure to call boiler repair in Wayne, Montclair, and Bloomfield, NJ.

Problems With Your Pilot

Back in the day, pilot lights were left running all through the day so that heat was readily available. As a result of climate change, we are trying to conserve as much energy as we can, meaning that appliances such as boilers have electronic ignitions that only turn on when you need hot water. If you run into issues with your pilot light and cannot light it on your own, you should contact a heating technician who will help you pinpoint the problem.

Loud Banging Or Rumbling Noises

If you hear loud, unusual noises coming from your boiler, this is also known as ‘kettling’. It’s important to call your heating technician to evaluate the problem as soon as possible before it grows into a bigger issue down the line.

Kettling occurs when there are a lot of minerals in the water, which can be referred to as hard water. Although this is common, the minerals can alter the rate at which the water releases, increasing the risk of leaks or dangerous levels of water in your home.

There Is No Heat Coming From The Boiler

There are many reasons why you may not be getting any heat coming from the boiler. It could be an issue with the ignition or pilot, or even a safety switch that could prevent the boiler from operating. Some other causes for a lack of heat from the boiler could be because the pump of the boiler is damaged or the thermostat may not be working properly. The best thing to do if you notice that heat is absent from the boiler is to call a boiler repair and maintenance service.

Water Is Leaking From The Boiler

This is a common boiler repair issue that many homeowners may run into. If this happens, be sure to call an HVAC repair company immediately. If the water leak is coming straight from the tank, this can be a huge issue and cost you significantly more if you wait to call a repair company. If this occurs, your boiler has likely started to corrode and will need to be replaced. At the same time, this can also be an issue with the pressure relief valve or the pump. If these problems are caught soon, they can be easily repaired.

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