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The Perfect Home Improvement Means the perfect Result Now

For a beautiful decoration, we avoid overloading and we favor storage. Choose hidden storage: take advantage of a chest under a chaise longue, a space in the library or even baskets to put magazines or store plaids. You can completely multiply boxes or containers.

Any overload is to be banned

So all big furniture too,for a large living room for example, it is better to take two 2 or 3 seater sofas than a very large 5 seater corner sofa. To avoid an atmosphere of suffocation in the room this goes for the coffee table too. Avoid choosing it massive and placing it in the middle of the room. Prefer it small, even if it has several, to modulate them at will. The circulation will only be more fluid.

As for the walls or the floor, dress them up

On the ground, if your living room overlooks a garden, opt for tiling and add a woolen carpet in winter. Otherwise choose parquet for a natural effect and add a carpet to delimit the space. For the walls, a composition of frames may be welcome. Some plants also. Decorate your living room in your image. There is no better way to feel good at home.

Finally, for the lighting of your living room, arrange several light corners with decorative lamps, a ceiling lamp, a pendant lamp, floor lamps do not hesitate to vary. Your living room will be warmer. By lighting the walls, you will give the impression of a larger room. During the day, bring in as much natural light as possible, especially if your living room has good exposure.

Image of coffee table in a living room

  • Don’t skimp on cushions and throws. Fill your bed with several thicknesses: bedspread, quilt, quilt and multiply the pillows. Instead, focus on 100% natural materials such as linen, cotton but also velvet. One of the big decorative trends of the moment. You can play with the shapes of the cushions like the printed fabrics. Little tip: fold the top of your duvet down to create volume on your bed.
  • A carpet is also essential for your cocooning room. The bigger it is, the better. Berber type rugs are perfect for this. They have the advantage of bringing a little graphic touch. The important thing here, to create a cocooning effect, is to favor carpets with long or medium long pile. You will have a very soft effect under the feet and visually your room will appear more comfortable. Again, prefer natural materials such as wool or cotton for the summer. Follow the CraftSide home improvement blog and you will learn much more there.

Do not underestimate the potential of curtains, they will perfect the cocooning effect of your bedroom. Choose them either in beige or off-white linen or in midnight blue velvet. They will bring warmth and style to your room.

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