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The Science Behind Stairlifts

Whether you are in your later years, or recovering from a personal injury, climbing the stairs can present quite a challenge, and for some, they are limited to the ground floor. The stairlift is not a new invention, far from it, the very first one was built in the 1920s by C.C. Crispen, who wanted to help his sick friend, and then they went into production in the 1930s, primarily aiming to sell their inventions to polio victims.

Battery Powered

The present day stairlifts all use batteries to power the electric motor, which is charged often from the mains. The motor effortlessly raises the chair along the rail, and with stairlift rental in Aylesbury, you won’t have far to go if you would like to try out one of the latest models. If you have a temporary condition, renting is a far better option, and with full installation and removal, you won’t have to worry.

Four Major Components

The four major components of a stairlift are as follows:

  1. Batteries – The batteries store the electricity to power the stairlift; some are always plugged in and recharge automatically, while others require plugging in every few days.
  2. The Electric Motor – Usually found at the base of the unit, the motor would be covered and protected and they are very quiet. The motor would have a considerable warranty and would be of the highest quality, lasting for many years, and it is the power horse of the system.
  3. The Rail – Whether straight or curved, the rail would be designed for the staircase, making for a perfect fit.
  4. The Gear – This is attached to the electric motor and drives the chair up or down, and this would be covered for safety and aesthetic reasons.

The chair itself has a safety strap for the user to secure themselves into positions, reducing the risk of accidental injury, plus you can have swivelling chairs, which are great, as they allow for an easier and safer transition.

Stairlift Rentals

If a member of your family has great difficulty using the stairs, why not get in touch with a local company that can install the stairlift on a temporary basis, which is very reasonably priced, and when you no longer have the need, the technicians will come and remove the unit. If you have an elderly relative coming to stay and you would like them to have full mobility, the stairlift is an excellent idea, and by renting, you have a minimal outlay.

Other Mobility Aids

The company that offers new and used stairlifts would also stock a range of other essential items to aid mobility around the home, which would include bathroom solutions and, of course, mobility scooters. In the event you are inviting an elderly relative to stay for a while, it is worth considering other ways in which you can make their stay more enjoyable and safer.

Modern stairlifts are safe and effectively allow those with mobility issues the freedom of the house, and should you ever require such an item, search online for a local supplier.

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