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Tips For Selecting The Best Hardwood Flooring For Your Home

The type of floor for your home may seem to be the most basic decision to make, though it’s crucial. Choosing the right floor can be daunting with various options to select from, including carpet, vinyl, and hardwood flooring. One of the options that most people like to use is hardwood flooring, which you can find at https://www.junckershardwood.com/wood-flooring/solid-hardwood-flooring/herringbone-flooring. However, not every hardwood is the same. There are other factors you need to consider when selecting the best hardwood flooring. Here are some of them:

  1. Plank Width

Although, in the past, hardwood flooring was installed in either two or 3-inch strips, currently, some people prefer using wider planks. Wider planks make your home be associated with luxury and feel special. That’s why wealthy homeowners prefer using 6-inch planks in their homes. However, when installing these planks in your home, consider the size of the room. More expansive rooms can accommodate wider planks well. However, smaller rooms may need narrower planks.

Though a floor with wider planks has fewer seams, the seams may become more prominent as the wood expands and contracts. And because these changes may not be evenly distributed across the boards, the movements may appear exaggerated.

  1. Grain Pattern

Logs are cut in three ways that yield three different grain patterns. The plain pattern gives a traditional grain with undulating patterns, while the rift grain gives a long and linear consistent grain. Though the quarter grain looks like the rift grain, it has additional iridescent that strike out across the plank.

Most hardwood flooring in the market contains a mixture of three grains. This mixture is excellent because it gives you a touch of every grain. However, if you desire to buy specific grains, you can exclusively source them. Wood grains aren’t bad but are used depending on where you want to apply them. If you have a rustic property, plain grains are ideal for you. On the other hand, if you have a city property, the quarter grain will add some life to your home.

  1. Type Of Finish

Finishes come in different types, ranging from penetrating oil hybrids, UV-cured finishes and polyurethane site finishes. However, these finishes can be categorized into either polyurethane or oil finishes. Oil finishes make wood to have a soft, natural, and matte finish and look. However, this type of finish isn’t resistant to damage and stains like polyurethane, which has a hard topcoat on the wood surface, making it resistant to wear and tear. If you have a young family with children around, it’s best to opt for the polyurethane finish.

Besides that, oil finishes can also be scratched easily, though those scratches aren’t easily noticeable. It’s also easy to touch them up whenever there’s a problem. With polyurethane finishes, you may have to replace a board or recoat an entire floor section in case of scratches and damages. Oil finishes are also easier to maintain, though they require regular maintenance.

The Bottom-line

Hardwood floors are among the best flooring options you can select. However, before making your selection, ensure you understand the plank width, grain pattern, and the type of finish you want to use. Doing this will help you pick an excellent one that’ll breathe life into your home.

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