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Trendy Facts of Home Improvements

The usage of exclusive, as well as durable material in home improvement projects always reflects a timeless value of home decors. Different designs of interior and exterior are recently encouraging the application of stone veneer flooring.

The slice of any decorative material is termed veneer. The application of veneers becomes a trend to renovate the kitchen cabinets, attractive building exteriors, different countertops, etc.

Stone-cladding or stone-made veneer is an exclusive piece, which is made of cut stone or the materials like stone. So, these thin pieces of stone sliding are used to protect the actual interior structure or to decor in a special manner. These thin layers of the real cut stone reflect the beauty of natural stone and also bring a natural flavor to the entire decor of a home.

Different Kind of Stone Cladding

In terms of variations, stone cladding is available in three specific materials:

Faux Stone:

This manufactured veneer is quite similar to the real stones. The whole Faux stone veneer is a pretty combination of natural pigment, minerals, and cement. In terms of durability, this manufactured stone cladding gets a high rating. As well as the mesmerizing appearance of Faux stone veneer always enhances the decor of modern homes.

Natural Thin Stone

This type of veneer is manufactured with quality pieces of natural stone, which are collected from mountains, stone quarries, and also river beds. In this type of veneer, the depth of cut stone defines the beauty and durability of natural stones. The depth of cut stones in this stone cladding always varies from 1 to 2 inches. This kind of stone veneer flooring comes in a polished version of raw stone. And the polished stone-sliding reflects the ultimate elegance, as well as rustic beauty of the whole home decor.

Full Bed Veneer

This kind of the whole stone-sliding is similar to natural thin stone. Only the depth of cut-stone makes the differences between full bed veneer and natural thin stone-based veneer. The cut-stone depth always varies up to 5 inches in this stone-sliding.

Advantages of Stone-cladding Based Flooring

Today, people love to include natural elements in home decor. To build an elegant stone patio or terrace, balcony, garden altar stone veneer flooring always bring organic beauty and earthy elegance. In terms of organic structure, the pricing, weight factors, installation methods of real stone always create lots of hassles.

This type of flooring option is a perfect alternative to the real stone structure.

  •     Cost

The cost of real stone blocks, transport cost, and installation methods always make the home renovation highly expensive. So, investment in stone veneer for durable and aesthetic flooring is always a wise decision.

  •     Lightweight

The whole real stones are not always applicable to build the blocks as per the requirements of contemporary home interior due to their bulky texture. But the stone veneers are always the most attractive options to make the fireplace or existing walls more elegant with earthy appeal.

  •     Durable

While the matters come to durability, then stone veneers are always considered as one of the most sustainable options. As well, the fire-resistance texture, eco-friendly appeal, and hassle-free maintenance make the natural stone veneers highly popular.


Rock veneers always bring a special organic charm to the interior decor. As well as this flooring option always scope to select the suitable one for home or business decor from the wide collection of textures, dimensions, stone types, etc.

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