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Turning Your Bathroom from a Place of Personal Hygiene into a Place of Well-Being

The busy and fast-paced life of today has a created a yearning for a vacation-like atmosphere in the comfort of one’s home. The need to de-stress and relax has resulted in the need to design living spaces that emanate a sense of peace and calm which fosters warmth, comfort, modernity, energy, and sustainability. Bathing, the art of escape and relaxation has been under the spotlight for some time now. The seemingly endless possibilities of relaxing, recharging, and restoring through bathing have been promising so far.

Historical accounts

Bathing and showering were regarded in ancient times as a show of respect to the worship of God. In some religions, cleansing yourself through the divine properties of water is necessary before prayer. In other religions, the acceptance of a belief is shown through baptism, with its essential element being water. Water has long been associated with being immaculate. Today, water is still celebrated in almost the same light, backed by scientific claims.


On land, exercising can be daunting. The right depth of water can reduce body weight up to 90%, making water good at reducing stress and pains in joints. Bubble-forming water jets from whirlpool baths can provide a hydro-buoyancy massage, soft massages that prove to be relaxing despite the gentleness. To elevate the spa-like experience, you can opt for tubs with more water jets.


Water currents will naturally resist your movement. Wider shower heads can give you a rainfall acupuncture-like sensation which slowly washes stress away. Millions of quite intense raindrops will gently massage your head, shoulders, and back. The more you concentrate on the sensation, the more meditative it gets.

To mimic nature’s way, you can opt for frameless shower enclosures, good bathroom lighting, and lush bathroom plants that will take you away from your bathroom to your very own oasis of peace. The transparent corners of such showers give you a boundless and soothing vibe which can be made even better with an exquisite overlooking view.

Light up your health

Apart from observing a healthy diet and regular exercise, the right amount of light can have lasting benefits for your health. Apart from swimming, beachgoers are drawn to the sun’s light because its energy gives hope and warmth. Stimulating the positive emotions ignited by light can be done at home. A frameless shower enclosure will allow filtered natural lighting to pass through. When the sun’s not up, artificial lighting can achieve similar results. The perfect light energy density is essential because too much of it can diminish the positive effects. The right lighting, a glass-enclosed shower, opaque walls and well-placed mirrors will do so much for your mood.

Indeed, bathrooms have become a space that favours the encounter between body and mind. The bathroom designs today draw inspiration from nature, making interiors look inspirational, innovative, and comfortable. To protect the environment which inspires these designs, make sure you choose your sanitary ware carefully. After all, sustainable choices are beneficial to everyone in the long-term.

Image: https://pixabay.com/photos/bathroom-wood-furniture-shower-2132342/

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