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Unique Changes To Make To Your Home

Finding unusual improvements you can make to your home can create a space that is unique to your tastes. Many of these take very little money but bring a beauty to any room. Here are a few changes that you can make.

Window Treatments

Add small colored glass vases to the sills of your octagon windows. Find curtains or other treatments that match the style of your room. Add a tie to hold back the fabric especially if it is thick. A large crystal gem or brass design on the knob to hold the tie back will provide a flair to your windows.


Add a new shade to the table lamps in each room. Instead of going with the standard cream color, look for a color that will accent the other items in the room. Consider one that has a retro impression to it that matches the feel of the area. Change the face plates on each switch to coordinate with the objects in that room. Change out the other lighting fixtures in your house to ones in a unique shape or material.

Front Door

Replace your front door with a new one that matches the color and trim of your house. This gives you home even greater curb appeal while keeping the heat or cool indoors. If this is out of your budget, you can repaint the one that is currently hanging. Replace the knob with one that has vintage style. This can blend with the old fashioned door knocker that you can install with it. If your door is inset, add the simple decoration of a series of flowerpots with bright colored blooms to greet your guests when they arrive.


Change out the pulls on your drawers with ones you find at an antique or second hand store. You can also create your own with heavy duty glue and trinkets that you own. Set up extra furniture like small tables then place plants on them. The foliage will add extra color to the space. Switch the faucets at your sink or in your tub or shower with the water efficient ones. This will save you money in your utility bills every month. Purchase new towels and dispose of your overly worn ones. Replace your soap dispensers or toothbrush holders with ones that coordinate with the new decor. You can also supply small, decorative soaps to give your vanity a sophisticated touch.

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