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Want To Have An Aquaponic System At Home? Check These Pointers!

In simple words, aquaponics is a hybrid between hydroponics and aquaculture. If you are interested in having an aquaponic system at home, you need to do your homework right, especially with regards to the choice of plants, fishes, maintaining pH, nutrients and so on. You also need fish poop and a grow bed bio-filter to keep the system clean. In this post, we are sharing a few pointers that are worth knowing about.

  • Focus on nutrients. Having enough plants is critical to ensure that your fishes have clean water. Make sure that you read guides on how to select the right plants and fishes, because that largely determines the success with your aquaponic system. If required, talk to experts, and make sure that you have done your research on grow beds. The initial setup and homework will help you figure out other details.
  • Beware of pest control products. This is often the trickiest part of an aquaponic system. You have to select products for pest control that wouldn’t harm the fishes. There are organic products and selective insects that can be used for aquaponics, and if you have doubt, talk to an expert.
  • Invest in grow beds and air pumps. Grow beds can be purchased online and are critical for setting up the aquaponic system. You also need to invest in good air pumps, probably of a size larger than what the system may need. Keep in mind that filters and pumps have to run all the time, so where you set up the aquaponic system is also very important.
  • Buy the best alarm systems. In case of hydroponics, even if the pump fails and you check the plants a few hours later, you can expect to save the system. This is not the case with aquaponic systems, which are much more complicated. If something goes wrong with the pump or filter, fishes may die within two to three hours, especially when there is no alarm system in place.

Looking at the benefits

One of the biggest reasons why many countries are opting for aquaponics is the reduced requirement for water. Fishes will offer all the fertilizers that plants need, and aquaponics is sustainable and helpful for the environment. There is no need for harmful pesticides for plants or antibiotics for fishes. Setting up an aquaponic system is also easy, and if you have the right environment and indoor setup, you can expect to grow fishes and plants around the clock. While aquaponics does require initial investment, returns are assured, and there is minimal physical labor required. Aquaponic systems are also scalable, which means you can choose to experiment with a small system and expand as you want.

Final word

The biggest challenge with aquaponic is creating the initial system. You need a list of products, such as grow beds, pumps, filters, lighting equipment, tent and so on, and once you have figured out the same, budget planning and setup don’t have to take a lot of time. Start in a planned manner to save money.

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