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What is CCTV Camera and how does it help?

With the increase in crime rate and other illegal things happening around the world, CCTV played a good role to keep an eye on everything happening around. Necessity is the mother of invention. In the ancient era one used to deploy someone to watch the activities and not with the help of CCTV security camera, this is eliminated and now this is done by CCTV camera.

CCTV is known as closed-circuit television (CCTV) has developed from resource-consuming, 24/7 human monitoring to state-of-the-art Internet Protocol (IP address) these network cameras can capture and transmit live audio and video to consumer private PCs and smart mobile.

With the age of the time, newer designed models give sharp, high-resolution video, clear audio, motion detection, video analytics, dark vision, and remote access facility. Numerous cameras are also come with different smart technologies, for convenience.

With the advent of cloud-based platforms, CCTVs are also sometimes referred to as video systems.

Since it captures live video and HD pictures thereby it is widely utilized by law agencies, academies, companies, and private homes, CCTV can prevent crimes, can register and review daily movements, and even monitor worker productivity and other important industry analytics.


CCTV is also known as video supervision, CCTV technology was launched in the United States of America in 1949. These early designs needed 24X7 monitoring because storage or information was not possible to store. This was eventually followed by time-consuming and expensive reel-to-reel administration. Gradually, VCRs were slowly presented in 1970.

With time CCTV advancements contain analogue and Internet protocol cameras, escorting digital video recorders (DVR), network video recorders (NVR), known as smart connectivity, and gives 24/7 remote alerts.

Most typically used for indoor and outdoor safety monitoring and supervision, every CCTV system consists of cameras, recording equipment, PC, and video surveillance software.

CCTV footage is only visible via a private, wired or wireless link by accepted users hence its known ad closed-circuit. Like TV, it is not broadcasted at a large stage.

Some Features & Benefits of CCTV Camera carry.

Motion Detection 

Available via smart protection providers like Slotenmaker Dilbeek deals with all types of CCTV cameras and one can contact them for a reliable product. This CCTV feels the movement and then triggers the live alarm.

Video Analytics.

These CCTV can differentiate and shows motions between humans, animals, or motorcars. It also analyzes clear patterns to destroy false information and determine what should be registered or forgotten. This smart aspect prevents false alarms triggered by audible noises.

Night Vision is possible

With the dark and chilly wind area, this camera can work well and

consistent cameras with colour or low-light black and white night vision capture HD photos and recordings at night.

Remote Replays and review.

Whether you’re on-place or away from your home or place of office, DVR and NVR technology quality remote signals and CCTV footage playbacks. Via any smart machine, this provides more peace of mind about the safety of your near and dear ones and workers.

If you are looking for reliable and good service then Slotenmaker Dilbeek should be the good pick.

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