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What is the best way to clean dusty blinds?

While we clean the floor, walls, and other surfaces and articles in our home regularly, we do not follow any regular cleaning schedule for the blinds. We clean them only when we find them extremely dirty or when someone plans to visit our homes.

However, ignoring the regular cleaning of blinds can lead to serious health issues. An unclean blind can be the biggest source of dust, dust mites, and mold.

What are the different methods for cleaning blinds?

Effective cleaning of blinds depends on the method used in cleaning them. Depending on the dust accumulated on the blind you can either use a microfiber cloth or a mini blind duster. You can also use a vacuum cleaner. Besides, you may also think,”Could I find a mobile ultrasonic blind cleaning near me?”

How to clean a blind with low dust accumulation?

Remember never to use water directly to clean blinds. Water and dust will mix and create a mess all over your blinds. You can deploy the following methods to do dry cleaning.

  • Using a microfiber mini duster for cleaning the blind.
    • Open the blind and move the duster from top to bottom to wipe off the dust.
    • Collect the fallen dust using a vacuum cleaner.
  • You can also use a micro-fiber cloth for the purpose.
    • Close the blind in such a way that the concave side of the blind comes on the front side. Move the cloth from top to bottom and remove the dust off the blinds.
    • Follow the same process convex side of the blinds.
    • Vacuum clean the dust fallen during the cleaning process.

The above methods are effective when the blinds are not too much soiled. For the heavily soiled blinds, you need to follow more rigorous methods of cleaning.

How to clean the heavily soiled blinds?

Steam cleaning and ultrasonic blind cleaning methods are very effective in cleaning heavily soiled blinds. In the steam cleaning method, you use a steam cleaner to clean and disinfect the blinds.

If you have got the answer to your earlier question,” Could I find a mobile ultrasonic blind cleaning near me?” in affirmative, use this method to clean the blinds. It uses high-frequency sound waves. These waves create several bubbles that collapse as they come in contact with water and create vibrations. The vibrations, in turn, create a lot of power and thus remove the dust.

Final Words

Regular cleaning of blinds can protect you from many diseases caused by dust. So, clean your blinds using the most effective method depending on the dust accumulated on the blinds.

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