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Why Commercial Roof Maintenance is So Important

If you own a warehouse or factory, you will already be aware that the roof is an integral component to protect the structure, yet like any other part of the structure, it does require regular maintenance. The harsh Australian climate is always bearing down on the roof, with strong sunlight, gale force winds and heavy rain continually attacking the roof, and without regular care and attention, issues are likely to develop.

Leaking Roofs

The main problem for commercial roofing is leaks, which is why you should have the roof inspected twice a year. Fortunately, there are specialist companies that carry out commercial roofing in Perth, and they would be happy to include your business premises in their schedule for roof inspections. There are several ways that water can penetrate the roof; it might be loose fixings or perished mastic or silicone, which is used to make joints watertight, and the roofing specialist would closely inspect every section of the roof, looking for such issues. If the contractor feels that the roof might be compromised, he would recommend carrying out repairs, which might involve replacing fixings and re-sealing certain areas.

Storm Damage

This is a very real threat for every structure, as gale force winds can lift entire sections of aluminium right off a roof. While every effort is made to secure the roof sheeting firmly to the structure, extreme weather conditions can cause sections to be ripped away from their fixings, and should this occur, emergency repairs are required. There are commercial roofing contractors that offer a round the clock emergency service, and they can easily be located with a Google search.

Regular Roof Inspections

As with residential properties, the best way to ensure that the roof is in good order is to carry out regular roof inspections, which should be carried out twice a year. The roofing contractor would do the following:

  • Closely inspect every section of the roof, looking for lose fixings.
  • Checking & cleaning vents and fans.
  • Close inspection of silicone joints.
  • Guttering inspection & cleaning.
  • Storm damage inspection.

Once the inspection has been completed, the contractor would issue you with a detailed written report that covers every aspect of the roof. This gives you peace of mind knowing that the roof is in good order and if there is a storm, you should have the roof inspected as this is a time when damage is more likely to occur.

Protective Coatings

It is possible to have your warehouse or factory roof coated with a special protective membrane, which would prolong the life of the roof, and usually, the contractor would offer this service to all their commercial customers. The first step would be to power wash the roof to remove built up dirt and grime, then a silicone-based coating is sprayed onto the roof, which is flexible and can move as extreme temperatures cause some movement within the roofing materials, thus ensuring that the seal isn’t broken.

If the roof of your commercial premises has not been inspected for a while, search online for a local commercial roofing contractor, who would be happy to carry out essential maintenance.

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